I realize due dates are far from a dating love marriage and sex pdf guarantee, but rather approximations and rough estimates to a time period where your body potentially will go into labor.
After fixating on this date for so long and repeating it to everyone who asks, there will even come a day, Ill forget what the due date was.Period's late, but negative home pregnancy test.Anticipation has grown with every day leading up to my due date, especially in the week prior.There is only so much time in the day, but yes, I have managed to squeeze in doing the deed when possible.Throughout the past 9 months, Ive talked a big game in telling everyone how prepared I was for this one to go past its due date just like my two other ones.Im huge, uncomfortable, havent had a decent nights sleep in God knows how long, constipated, suffering from a raging case of heartburn, and want this baby out of me already.Besides the appearance of my extra-large 41-week belly, do you see a baby anywhere?Not to mention, this is my third pregnancy in three years.You may be thinking, whats a few more days or even a week compared to the 40 weeks thats already served?But remember: Its just as normal to deliver a week or two before or after.
Knowing all of this, I still cant help to be disappointed.
Even sexual health clinic east kilbride with the technology and exact answers to the doctors questions, a due date still remains a best guestimate.

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Adding 266 days to the magical moment you did the deed and created life is more accurate than knowing your last period.I know Im just being sensitive to these questions and people generally do care, but I just dont have it in me to go through it anymore.Whats worse is the people who say this to my face.Add in breastfeeding, me and my period feel more like distant acquaintances that havent seen or spoken to each other in forever.My two previous pregnancies went exactly 3 days over.For the third time, Im sad Im not snuggling and holding this bundle of joy Ive already patiently waited 40 weeks for.If anything, Im shocked and surprised in the middle of our chaotic lives filled with the demands of two toddlers and constant exhaustion, my husband and I had time to have sex.
I successfully convinced everyone but myself.
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