Essma could maybe do the same in a rich woman to get to know Europe, so the clubs can compare all different kinds of systems to choose the system that suits them best.
Thats why we have to follow-up the market every day to keep track of newest technology.
I believe the organisation dating had sex now what here is quite good and normally we dont have any problems.
As a club we want to be in the front row concerning technology implementations.We at Bayer 04 Leverkusen would like to be a trendsetter by giving the good example with new things, like we did well with our new roof, Stadium Vision, and the ice lab for the team.A: I especially think about IT, because five years ago there was almost nothing controlled.You dont need live concerts to be multifunctional.Thanks to essma, clubs can easily get in contact to exchange information about their management.It is also important not to forget all of the volunteers: thats why we organise things for them to show our appreciation for their good work.Most of the people are at the club the whole week and we know each other well.We are also establishing an Expert Group for the head of event management for the entire first and second German league because all this knowledge is really important.Through this we want to provide other clubs with the knowledge we have and this is where essma could help the clubs get in contact with us should they like to know more about our systems.We find a lot of things before the games thanks to body searches and the things we cant see, we would expect to be noticed by security.Q: What has changed the most in the last five years in stadium management?This is very important to avoid problems during an event.A: The technological part is a big challenge for sure.Its very important that we have a lot of employees and this is the reason why the system here at Leverkusen works well.The Turkish market is also a really interesting one because they are in a huge growing phase.
With Wi-Fi, everything is possible, but we wont abuse it to know everything of our fans, because then they wont use.
Get to know our trade fair halls and the International Congress Center Stuttgart.

RIO 2016, Artistic Gymnastics, horizontal bar, Men, Great Britain, Germany, hambuechen, Fabian, United States of America, getty Images.Its important for everyone to understand that we arent in competition with the stadium management of other clubs.In this case less is more!Unfortunately its not every time that you have this possibility, but thats part of the job of course.Its important to have safe stadiums.Find out why a visit to Messe Stuttgart will be an impressive experience.Our focus on the pitch is on football.So, the team skills are important.Security, other staff, volunteers, catering, etc.
It could also point to a penalty shout five minutes before half-time, when Hertha captain Andre Mijatovic appeared to foul Martin Harnik in the area.

so everything has to be well organised.
Q: Which skills are the most important as a stadium manager?