For 99 of human history, there was no TV, no telephone to call the police and no advanced medical treatments for serious and painful injuries.
Now you can let go.Physical dimorphism (height disparity gate (swager vocal masculinity.They dont just want a mans body for procreation purposes.Women already know these guys are low SMV, so the question doesn't make any sense.Women are more likely to find this man attractive, not only because he is muscular and strong, but also because he looks like he's ready to fight and protect.No, a woman looks for a man that exudes strength and confidence because she is inherently looking for a strong protector and provider.Why are you talking to us?More or less, selection strategy dictates here, they're all fronts.Nothing quite compares.I felt horrible and I was deeply annoyed at women woman looking for sex ass for behaving in that way.Its just how nature works and its actually quite ingenious.So the next time you see a short but physically sex meet in acoma nevada fit man, looking down at the ground and too timid to speak up for himself, ask yourself why that is so unattractive.The physically weak could be taken advantage of and they often were.

Of course, thats not to say that a masculine man cant be interested in any of those things; some of the best art and music of all time has been created by men.They use words like "attracted to" or "deep love." I am less inclined at this point to believe the dualistic strategy is one of "necessity" so much as the men in these arrangements just aren't important.Generally speaking, a woman who does want to feel protected by her man is usually going to be a more feminine woman at heart.Ill be honest if youre willing to be honest women are not as strong or physically equipped like men.Women as Protectors helps mums and carers who are in contact with a man who poses a risk of sexual harm to children.That all work to keep women far more protected than they were, say, 600 years ago.To be a blue pill LTR, is to be close to worthless in terms of primal level attraction, by design.Now, I look at women with love and respect, for it is because of women that I have become the strong man that I am today.
Hell, some women are probably reading this and finding me attractive just for speaking with clarity and strong resolve.

It was never really there.
Yet, if she is like most women, she doesnt feel safe on her own and still has an instinctive desire to feel protected by her man.