(1960 "On the failure to eliminate hypotheses in a conceptual task Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, Psychology Press, 12 (3 12940, doi :.1080/, issn Nickerson 1998,. .
How does power corrupt?This effect is called "selective recall "confirmatory memory or "access-biased memory".Poor decisions due to these biases have been found in political and organizational contexts.When asked, "Which parent should have custody of the child?" the majority of participants chose Parent B, looking mainly for positive attributes.239 Tweney, Ryan.; Doherty, Michael.; Worner, Winifred.; Pliske, meet women for sex wells minnesota Daniel.; Mynatt, Clifford.; Gross, Kimberly.; Arkkelin, Daniel.

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Paradiso canto xiii: 11820.The participants were randomly assigned to write essays either for or against their preferred side of an argument and were given research instructions that took either a balanced or an unrestricted approach.65 Ibn Khaldun noticed the same effect in his Muqaddimah : "Untruth naturally afflicts historical information.Justin Bieber, Mark Cuban, Cliven Bundy, Donald Sterling and iviano.For example, psychologists Stuart Sutherland and Thomas Kida have each argued that.S.( no sex on first date Poletiek 2001,. .Sidney; Lund, Adrian.

(2010 "Testing for the Presence of Positive-Outcome Bias in Peer Review: A Randomized Controlled Trial Archives of Internal Medicine, 170 (21 193439, doi :.1001/archinternmed.2010.406, pmid Steven James Bartlett, "The Psychology of Abuse in Publishing: Peer Review and Editorial Bias Chap.
There was no difference among intelligence levels at the rate participants would ban a car.
80 Klayman and Ha used Bayesian probability and information theory as their standard of hypothesis-testing, rather than the falsificationism used by Wason.