what is the maturity date of savings bonds

When you buy a CD (or put money into it you choose the maturity date.
New issues of HH serues saving bonds were discontinued as August 2004.
You can access CSB Online Services to update your mailing address / banking information, sign up for direct deposit, view your plan balance, and redeem your funds at any time.
Some of it goes in a six month CD (and renew using six-month CDs at maturity) Some of it goes in a one-year CD Some of it goes in a two-year CD With that approach, youve got a maturity date coming up every six months.CDs generally pay higher interest rates than the rate paid on savings accounts because you've promised to keep your money locked up for a certain amount of time.If the bond has matured, we will issue a payment instead of replacing the bond.Bonds that have matured no longer earn interest and can be redeemed at any financial institution across Canada.Canada Premium Bonds are no longer available for purchase as of November adult personals canada 1, 2017.Quarterly statements will be mailed to you at the address we have on file as of March 31, June 30, September 30 and December.Pay attention to these notices, especially: The maturity date of your.Can I exchange investments within The Canada RIF?As of November 1, 2017, no new funds can be transferred into your Canada RSP Plan, including any lump sum contributions or transfers-in.Please ensure the mailing address we have on file is up-to-date.
If the current date was July 2018, EE Series bonds issued through July 1988 would have stopped paying interest.).

All issues of Savings Notes (Freedom Shares).An I bond Issued 1998 would stop paying interest in 2028.Treasury website, theres also a Savings Bond Wizard to tell you the value of your bond, how much of that value is interest income, and what the yield of the bond was over its period to maturity.I used to contribute to my Canada RSP Plan through the Payroll Savings Program.What Happens When a CD Matures.Use these tips and our tools to track your savings bond now!
Bond series in your plan will continue to earn interest until redemption or maturity, whichever comes first.
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Where can I find information about the changes to my Canada RIF Plan?
The funds in your Canada RIF Plan are safe and guaranteed, and will continue to earn interest, but only until either November 1 or December 1, 2021, depending on the maturity date of the bond series you own.
Unmatured bonds will continue to earn interest until the time of redemption or maturity, whichever comes first.