what does the maturity date on a cd mean

January 7, 2011, by: Beverly Bird, the maturity date on your auto loan is the light at the end of the tunnel - it's the date you are expected to make your final payment.
See also edit, references edit.You receive interest up to the maturity date, and then you get all of your money back.For example a 90-day note that was issued on January 14, 2016 would mature on April 14, 2016.Glossary, m Maturity date, maturity date, what is a maturity date?Saying a note has matured is another way of saying that it is due.A maturity date is a deadline for settling a financial agreement.These operate in a similar fashion to CDs, with one important exception.You pay interest on the money loaned to you and agree to pay all the interest and principal by the maturity date.When your lender gives a payoff amount, it's usually accurate for about 10 days.This is the maturity.You have to wait for the bond to mature.A CD is considered a safe investment and is an ideal way to store money for a period of time while earning interest.Failure to make a payment can result in default whether you have one payment left.
A one-year CD has a maturity date set one year from when you buy.

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This means the organization you bought your bond from must give you back your original investment on that date.The term maturity date is also applied to corporate and Treasury bonds.When a CD is about to mature, your bank will notify you and provide you with the option to redeem your money or to roll it over into another.Are you planning to use CDs to grow your money?Also, notes issued for less than one year can be have maturity dates expressed in terms of days or months.The interest earned on a CD is higher than the interest you can earn on savings accounts.It is similar in meaning to "redemption date".Paying the loan off early requires calculating any outstanding interest that's still unpaid.Some banks will automatically reinvest your CD proceeds into a new CD with a new maturity date if you don't notify them that you want your money back.If you don't want to wait until maturity to get your money back, you can sell your bond to someone else.
You have to give the vehicle back to the dealership so there's rarely any advantage in paying a lease off early unless you just want a new or different car.

Bond Maturity, you can buy bonds with maturity dates that range from two or three years up to 30 years.
Example, for example, a nine-month note issued on January 14, 2016, would include the issuance date on the face of the note.
The Final Payment, if you don't make that last payment on time, you can still default on the loan.