underlying maturity date

Electronic Broking Services (EBS A wholesale electronic trading platform used to trade foreign exchange (FX) with market making banks.
A downward adult sex meet in ohio trend means actual data has been trending below expectations, and an upward trend means actual data has been trending above expectations.
S P 500 Sector Sub-Indexes: Composed of companies within the broad S P 500 Index classified into indexes encompassing each of the following 10 gics Industry sectors: Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financials, Health Care, Industrials, Information Technology, Materials, Telecommunication Services and Utilities.Factor: Attributes that based on its fundamentals or share price behavior, are associated with higher returns Fair value: Also known as eNAV.In the.S., this generally refers to the Federal Funds Target Rate.Economic solvency: Attention to a more medium- to long-term perspective relating to how spending relates to revenue and the ability of programs or policies of particular importance are viewed as to their longevity.Securities Market Programme (SMP a program of interventions by the ECB in debt markets in order to re-establish the efficient transmission of monetary policy Securitized debt: a debt security whose value is backed by an asset or pool of assets such as a mortgage.NSE S P CNX Nifty Index: A market capitalization-weighted index designed to measure the performance of 50 large companies listed on the National Stock Exchange of India.Japanese government bonds play a key role in the financial securities market in Japan.Small : Characterized by exposure to the bottom 10 of market capitalization within the Value, Blend or Growth style zones with the majority of the funds weight.Hawkish: Description used when worries about inflation are the primary concerns in setting monetary policy decisions.

12-month forward-looking P/E ratio: Estimated P/E ratio for a 12-month forward horizon.Hsbc Asian Local cleaning lady looking for liechtenstein Bond Index (albi The hsbc Asian Local Bond Index tracks the total return performance of liquid bonds denominated in the local currencies in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.Stress tests: Standards applied, most typically to banks, meant to gauge how well these firms might be able to weather adverse market events Structural budget deficit: General government deficit adjusted for cyclical factors and one-offs.Deposit Rate: The rate parties receive for deposits at the central bank.As a large dividend payment approaches (closer to contract expiration) or if the underlying asset is difficult to borrow, the price of the futures contract can be traded with a discount from the current price of the underlying asset.Tailwind: Situation that will help growth in a sector/asset class because of some development in another sector/asset class.Russian Accounting Standards (RAS Accounting standards that govern financial accounting and reporting in Russia Ryan Labs Returns Treasury Yield Curve 10-Year Index: An index created by Ryan Labs to reflect total returns of 10 Yr US Treasuries.J.P Morgan Global FX Volatility Index: An index which tracks the value of options of emerging and developed market currencies.Msci Europe Large Cap Index: captures large cap representation across the 15 Developed essex & suffolk water contact email Markets (DM) countries in Europe.