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Lp:ubuntu/ saucy-updates/ language- pack-sv Mature 04:58.
List of releases, current, version, code name, docs.
Lp:ubuntu/ saucy-proposed/ suricata Development 23:14.
CVE linux (Ubuntu Saucy) adult personal adds in utah Fix released, assigned to Seth Forshee Bug #1184223: CVE local swinger search : use of non-constant-time memcmp in hmac comparison in openvpn_decrypt CVE openvpn (Ubuntu Saucy) Fix released (unassigned) Bug #1185019: rootwrap sudoers configuration does not follow packaging guidelines CVE CVE CVE CVE CVE.Ubuntu-3.5.0-242 lp:ubuntu/ saucy-proposed/ b43-fwcutter Mature 17:25.Lp:ubuntu/ saucy-security/ chkrootkit Mature 15:14.New upstream stable point release (LP.Lp:ubuntu/ saucy-security/ jbigkit Mature 02:24:-05-04.security update: memory corruption.security update: specify /etc/neutr.Lp:ubuntu/ saucy-updates/ gnupg Mature 08:28.No-change backport to saucy (LP: #134.Device 1217:8520 CVE CVE CVE CVE CVE CVE CVE linux (Ubuntu Saucy) Fix released (unassigned) linux-lts-raring (Ubuntu Saucy) Invalid sex offender map snohomish county (unassigned) linux-lts-saucy (Ubuntu Saucy) Invalid (unassigned) Bug #1241769: CVE CVE CVE CVE CVE CVE linux-lts-backport-maverick (Ubuntu Saucy) Won't fix (unassigned) linux-lts-backport-natty (Ubuntu Saucy) Won't fix (unassigned).Lp:ubuntu/ saucy-updates/ gnutls-06-01 11:04.Lp:ubuntu/ saucy-proposed/ libpam- krb-05-13 06:04.July 2018, ubuntu.04.4 LTS, xenial Xerus, changes.
Changes, august 4, 2016, april 2019, ubuntu.04.4 LTS Trusty Tahr Changes February 18, 2016 HWE August 2016 Ubuntu.04.3 LTS Trusty Tahr Changes August 6, 2015 HWE August 2016 Ubuntu.04.2 LTS Trusty Tahr Changes February 20, 2015 HWE August 2016 Ubuntu.04.1 LTS.

Lp:ubuntu/ saucy-proposed/ fcitx Development 22:09.Add ohci_pci to the list of USB host.Lp:ubuntu/ saucy-security/ libgadu Mature 08:30.Lp:ubuntu/ saucy-security/ openssl :17:-07-02.Maint/bzr_ Auto copy, commit.Bump ABI lp:ubuntu/ saucy-proposed/ linux-meta Mature 13:28.Lp:ubuntu/ saucy-updates/ libav-extra Mature 09:44.Lp:ubuntu/ saucy-security/ horizon Mature 14:59.Bump ABI lp:ubuntu/ saucy-updates/ linux-meta- ppc Mature 18:45.Lp:ubuntu/ saucy-security/ libxfont Mature 12:03.Lp:ubuntu/ saucy-updates/ python- django Mature 11:00.
Lp:ubuntu/ saucy-security/ neutron Mature 21:24.