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Michael Haneke bierze pod lup najgbiej skrywane emocje i to, jak Internet, którego uywamy do komunikacji ze wiatem, niepostrzeenie zmienia nasze ycie intymne i relacje z najbliszymi.
Its as if the director has tied up loose ends from his earlier films, while forcing us to re-examine issues that have only grown more dire since he first brought them to our attention.In effect, Georges's excoriating outlook shrinks all surrounding activity to pettiness.Everyone here has secrets theyre hiding from the others, though Georges and Èves illicit desires emerge as the most fascinating, if only because theyre so far removed from how we first read these two characters who both factor into a final shot that ranks among.For Hanekes longtime admirers, it will come as no surprise to learn there are no happy endings ahead for the Laurent clan.(Its no coincidence that this film features the single most punishingly sad karaoke scene in cinema.) The only happy end for the unhappy family lies in self-obliteration, whether through alcohol or compulsive cheating or even suicide.More Reviews, off Broadway Review: Skintight With Idina Menzel.This is, of looking for a new wife for my husband course, by design, as Haneke ultimately seeks to expose his audience's limited or possibly nonexistent awareness of this global calamity.
The first 10 minutes eschew conventional mise-en-scène in favor of filling the screen with other forms of visual stimuli: a smartphone display with a Snapchat-like app open and a snatch of surveillance footage.

Subscribe to Variety Today.The surveillance feed, meanwhile, shows an average construction site suddenly thrown into disarray by the collapse of a concrete wall, and there's no effort made to clarify for us the connective tissue between the two segments.Georges's utter exhaustion with life manifests itself in crude attempts to get others to play accomplice in his death and role-playing as an amnesiac.Then another, more gruesome scene.Elements of both these subplotsspecifically, Thomas's registered sex offenders kennewick wa vapid erotic chatter and an impulsive karaoke performance by Pierresuggest that Haneke is trying to leaven his grimness with humor, but the behavior on display isn't absurd enough to be particularly funny.The film mostly skirts the mounting dramas in the day-to-day operations of the construction firm in favor of charting Pierre's childish outbursts around town and his mothers ineffectual efforts to tame his roiling rage.These details, though, take some attentive work to glean, as Haneke is intent on supplying only one or two strands of narrative information in a given scene, and always in an offhand manner: a stray line of dialogue, a surname in small letters in the.Most good films rely on their audiences to connect the dots a little, but.World on Reel, tematycznie film wpisuje si w dotychczasowy dorobek Hanekego, jest jednak zaskakujco wiey.After nearly six minutes of such clips, Haneke cuts to security-camera footage of a massive construction site, which seems calm enough until a freak accident brings one of the walls crumbling down on top of the workers below.Either way, Happy End amounts to a complex, minutely detailed mystery in which every member of the Laurent household contributes to the movies almost suffocating sense of malaise.
Audiences not already familiar with the demands of Hanekes more misanthropic work could be put off, if not entirely confounded as the director returns to his austere conceptual roots, reuniting with DP Christian Berger whose rigid formalism set the look of Caché (2005) and The.

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