transplanting mature date palms

If the palm is tall (4 metres or more) tie up the fronds horny match maker around the palm trunk when re planting the palm. .
Start digging a trench around the palm.Summary, the optimum seaford sussex local news time to transplant palms (Arecaceae) is at the beginning of the warm season in temperate climates or at the beginning of the rainy season in tropical climates if irrigation is unavailable.Protect root sex meeting site balls of palms growing in light sandy soils, which are susceptible to crumbling and falling apart when disturbed, by securely wrapping them in burlap ( Broschat and Meerow, 2000 ) or in multiple layers of self-adhesive polyethylene film during digging and transport (if.In some instances, support and protection of the apical meristem and unopened spear leaves with bracing or splints securely attached to the trunk and extending into the leaves during digging and transport may be prudent measures to prevent excessive movement, which can damage these fragile.It is possible that palms have some mechanism (perhaps closing stomata) for reducing water loss when water stressed, such as during transplanting, and can rely on water stored in the trunk and/or other tissue until adequate root growth occurs.Thus, leaf removal and tie-up may be largely unnecessary when transplanting most palms.Previous Section Next Section Root ball size While the adage the larger the root ball the better may have some merit for transplant success, in practical terms, optimal root ball size is a compromise between root regeneration and the feasibility and economics of digging, transporting.You may need up to three or four people to help you lift out the palm from the hole depending on the size.Continue cutting through the roots in a circle around the tree.In some instances, consider heeling-in root balls for added protection and to help retain moisture ( Broschat and Meerow, 2000 ). Then pack soil around the palm tightly.
However, a fully developed RIZ may not be essential for successful transplanting of juvenile plants of some species, including coconut palm (.
While it is possible to transplant and plant palms successfully in the late fall and winter, the chances for failure increase if transplanting is done during this time.

Call us today if you have a mature Canary Island Date Palm that needs removal we can help.Water the roots with a seaweed solution this will help promote root development. .View this table: The basic element of successful establishment of transplanted palms is the rapid generation of new roots from the RIZ and/or the regeneration of new root tips from cut existing roots.Dig a hole twice the diameter and the same depth of the root ball.During the growing season is the best time.Take as much soil as possible around the root ball.If the transplanted palm involves moving via a vehicle, it is important to wrap the roots in hessian cloth.However, incorporation of thoroughly decomposed, nitrogen-stabilized organic material may be beneficial in extremely rocky substrates with little or no water- and nutrient-holding capacity ( Broschat and Meerow, 2000 ).Mornington Peninsula enquiries call.
External support bracing of trunks using wood or cable guying, taking care not to damage or wound the trunk, may be necessary in areas of frequent high winds or when root balls lack sufficient mass to provide adequate anchorage and stability ( Broschat and Meerow.

Take into consideration the size the palm might grow into and if the view will be compromised.
Apply at the low end of the recommended rates on the package.