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My credit score is up by about 150 points.
It feels soooooo good! I just wanted to write and say thank you for your help.Thank you Mike!* Deanna Moore Trabuco Canyon, California * There's no guarantee of specific results.I mean I'm fine.Your information was a god send to me as I was going through a tough time financially and in June 2014 was notified by the IRS that I was a victim of Identity Theft.My stress level has gone way down and my debt is down by 50 and score is going up slowly."I started with d yesterday I was approved for a 4,500 credit line" In short it's educational, and knowledge is power.Thank you for all your info.* Mary Smith Estacada, Oregon * There's no guarantee of specific results.I just rip them."I Got 12 Collections Off My Credit Report" You have helped me learn about how credit works.Am I way off base?I have an BS in Finance and a MBA from the University of Southern California, but nothing could have ever prepared me for the battles and ultimately the war over my credit score like your CSP did.We were behind on bills so we filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy and did a 100 repayment.I also placed a 20 each month or paid myself local swinger ads with a 50 or 100 and saved that as well.
I had sort of told myself that due to an uninsured child birth in 2008, and a failed business the following year, my credit was forever doomed.

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I didnt ever see myself qualifying for a credit card or loan.Im working on buying a house soon and have already received some great offers but Im going to wait until my credit is even better."I appreciate all of the info" My husband and I realized we werent putting enough money away and have since began deducting 10 more our of our paychecks for our retirement.It was all about understanding what makes a good credit score.Nigel Danclar, newnan, Georgia * There's no guarantee of specific results.Ive also followed your advice on credit cards savings!Under the card Act of 2009, no credit card may be issued to a consumer under the age of 21, unless they have a co-signer who has the means to repay the debts or they can prove they independently can repay the debt."You Have All Made My Day" Following your agencys advice with the help of a gentleman helping me stay in my house, I have had my credit score bump up 20 plus points.At first I was a little depressed, but not so worried.
Credit Equals Debt, in truth, the term credit score shouldnt be termed a credit score at all. .
" My score was about 435 and now its over 700 and it was easy." I've learned a great deal about my credit, credit cards, timely payments etc.

"Priceless" I was 1 of the first people to use your CSP when you had it available for free with the videos and PDF documents.
In practicing your tools I have raised my credit score over 40 points over this year.