Again this means that the option will expire and I get 50 first date sex to keep the premium.
Another thing that you registered sex offenders winston salem nc should factor in when trading a covered call is commission.
I am using ThinkorSwim as my platform and here is an example of the options I have available for my 100 Intel shares: Here we see that I can potentially make.21 cents per share over the next two weeks with a strike price.
My Intel shares could fall.For example, say you own 100 shares in Apple stock that are currently valued at X dollars.But now I have just lowered my initial investment cost from 20/share.79/share.I am allowed to sell 1 contract per 100 shares that I own.You dont have to be an expert in options to use this easy money making strategy.Having this short position via the option will generate quick income for your portfolio via the covered call premium.Remember, covered calls make you money when stocks are slightly higher, sideways, or in a downward trend.Now you have the right to sell your stock at any time for the market price.There are many different options with different Strike Prices so you can choose the one that best fits you.Now is the time to sell a covered call option.Covered calls are an options strategy that you use when you hold a long position on a stock and you write a call option on that same stock.One big reason is that it will help to offset the cost of the original stock price purchase while you wait for the market to turn.
This strategy is used regularly by the Big Boys of Wall Street because they know that it will provide consistent paychecks every single day.
How would you like to earn cash on the stocks you already own?

I still make a profit on my stocks since I bought them at 20/share.Since I currently own 100 shares I can only purchase 1 call contract.When should you use covered calls?This price point is commonly known as the strike price.Tap here to get your free copy now.I hope this article has helped you and given you a new strategy to utilize in your arsenal.The premium is the fee cleaning lady looking for hamm that the buyer of your call pays you in order to keep your stocks open to him for purchase at the Strike Price.The sale of call options that are equivalent in amount against the stock.This strategy is best implemented on a stock you want to hold long-term, but the market is in a short-term neutral-to-bearish movement.
The power of this approach wont be effective if you end up holding onto a bunch of dead end stocks.