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Nner 2010.01.28 aside the fact that it took a long time.
Assfucker1 2014.05.31 its a very good gameoh god quantas 2014.02.24 great game!
Good graphics too but limited nudity poppop 2010.09.01 Very old game but still original and fun Helros 2010.08.27 This is a fun classic, with cute girl.It is different from the original, simple and straightforward).It needs a lot more interaction!Hoping registered sex offenders in drexel hill pa there would be a new or updated version oft his game in the future.Ullene is the only one who stayed in your team from the start.Also the girls look great but there should be some player involvement with them.Randy06 2012.08.07 great game but neds sex sxcenes when u finsh with girto make it interesting glukos37 2012.06.05 its a fun sim dating game but not really an adult game bahamut86 2012.05.18 Nice game but only kiss Nice grafic duke51 2012.05.08 A little bit boring.Sim -man responds: You are welcome my friend.Dennyjc 2013.05.14 Fun Game.
Just needs to be more adult!
M4t0n 2011.07.10 hots girls makes this game superb Hacks 2011.07.07 lolove to many possibilities lordtrexy 2011.07.01 Love the game graphics are great awesome gameplay and storyline scycekiller 2011.06.16 they need a newer and updated version of this game Zartz 2011.06.14 anyone can tell me where.

And i love anime BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02 Its a good game, a big one.M4lv1n 2010.11.28 its not bad but i like it very much 206esc 2010.11.24 Not the best I have played, but still worth the time.Purdyboi 2011.11.25 its a fun sim dating game but not really an adult game zenginoglu 2011.11.21 This is great game.Noik666 2010.08.03 one of my favorites if they would make another with nudity would be perfect VKlein 2010.07.29 Good interesting game!Jda106 2009.10.23 this game is fun and long juleverne 2009.10.23 Good game, but there is not much sex.Runninrandy 2010.04.05 Used to watch Love Hina all of the w I saw this and Im in heaven!Jakecake 2010.10.03 Its pretty good, but it takes too long goliath01 2010.09.20 i cant get the last two girls can somebody give my some help or cheats.The Springs Are Hell: hellissprings * Start with 250,000: moneygrowsontrees * Play as Naru: naruhaseyes * Insane conversations: sofarsogood * Shinobu dress up game: rainbowsrgood * Motoko dress up game: motokoismotoko * Secret movie: eva4hidden * All moves: allyourmoves * All stats are 100.Grafics suck and the game is slow!