Unless you already have, in which case, please tell us about.
My friend got "chosen" as one of Justin Beiber's girls.
Stacks 'n stacks 'n stacks of high-quality printer paper.( via ) Apparently, the person who posted this had it on their fridge for years before noticing.Can we talk about the angle of that woman's arm?Source Raven Card Wow, Raven.( via ) Yeah, you're probably not going to have 147 updates anymore once this gets out.Didn't bang but it's weird story regardless.Designed by Threadless and other top designers, each card can be customized with your own message or image, and then sent for free via Facebook or email.I'll go first: I offer myself as sacrifice to this dress!He wasn't really a creep.

He cried and made her sign a waver.Actually, if you look closely, literally everyone is taking a bad picture here.Say what you will, this kid will grow up to be great on social media.Or, wherever this.I enjoy this play on words.Oh and was from the best band in the world.Tumblr when I noticed that these crazy.Source, leonardo DiCaprio Card, then you know he must want you a lot.For more good natured fun, we have silly adult dating services online and crazy eCards as well.
Selfies really do reveal a lot more about you than you intend.

I assume we're all laughing at his Wall of Hats.
Source, cruella Card, get it?
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