are mostly built on this.
Try to tell me it's about a secret Covert Group then."A word to the thick soul sistas/I wanna get with ya/I won't cuss or hit ya/But I gotta be straight when I say I wanna / fuck / 'Til intersex and dating the Break of Dawn/ Baby got it goin' on/A lotta simps won't like this song." "I'm.Yeah, we'll wear them while we're doin' it, doin'.The song "I Cain't Say No" from Oklahoma!Nelly Furtado's song "Promiscuous" is pretty straightforward.

"Will You Love Me Tomorrow" was written by fifteen-year-old Carole King." Love Me Like You Used To " by Tanya Tucker."Gimme Some Money one of their early songs, is a subversion."Triad" by Jefferson Airplane is about a woman wanting to have a 2 guys, 1 girl threesome.Judge Dread sic!, best friend necklace for 3 also known as the "King of Rude is well known for writing innuendo-laden music.Then it gets more blatant from there Feel * my *.* my *.* my * serpentine I, I wanna hear you scream But considering the song is mostly about a savage place, it's not pretty sex he's talking about.Wynter Gordon's "Dirty Talk" is quite possibly one of the least subtle examples listed here.
And probably because Bon Scott was perpetually drunk/horny (how do you think he died?) Whose Line Is It Anyway?
"C'mon Girl" contains some of my favourite innuendos ever.