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These studies suggest that the human sex ratio, both at birth and as a population matures, can vary significantly according to a large number of factors, such as paternal age, maternal age, plural birth, birth order, gestation weeks, race, parent's health history, and parent's psychological.
54 Other gestational factors edit A research group led by Ein-Mor reported that sex ratio does not seem to change significantly with either maternal or paternal age.
"Just a little bit of history repeating: Pollution and sex ratio ".Vartiainen, T; Kartovaara, L; Tuomisto, J (1999).68 In parts of China and India, there is a 1215 excess of young men.51 When unusual sex ratios at birth (or any other age) are observed, it is important to consider misreporting, misrecording, or under registration of births or deaths as possible reasons.Review of Economics of the Household.Guttentag, Marcia and Secord, Paul.48 Similarly, Jacobsen.The major cause of the decrease of the female birth ratio in, india is considered to be the violent treatments meted out to the girl child at the time of the birth.Its southern neighbor, Tamil Nadu, with the same TFR, has had an essentially normal SRB for some time.3942, isbn Hald, Anders (1998 "Chapter."China's Missing Girls: Numerical Estimates and Effects on Population Growth" (PDF)."How common is intersex?".This increase in out-of-wedlock births was attributed to a change in the marriage market caused by the decline in the sex ratio.Anderson, Barbara.; Silver, Brian.32 Effects of chemical pollution edit A 2007 survey by the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program noted abnormally low sex ratios in Russian Arctic villages and Inuit villages in Greenland and Canada, and attributed this imbalance to high levels of endocrine disruptors in the blood.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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(2004) Bare Branches: The Security Implications of Asia's Surplus Male Population."Pollution makes for more girls"."Natural Variation in the Human Sex Ratio ".Human sex at birth was also analyzed and used as an example by Jacob Bernoulli Ars Conjectandi (1713 where an unequal sex ratio is a natural example of a Bernoulli trial with uneven odds.A b c Kristof, Nicholas and Sheryl WuDunn.Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunities for Women Worldwide.Orzack, Steven Hecht; Stubblefield,.82 83 bauer sucht Frau jenny and martin He concluded by calculation of a p -value that the excess was a real, but unexplained, effect.Intersex Society of North America.Due to higher female fetal mortality, 2 the sex ratio at birth worldwide is commonly thought to be 107 boys to 100 girls, 3 although this value is subject to debate in the scientific community.

Many of the earliest efforts to combat the crisis were focused on this area.
Isbn Jian Lee, Deborah; Subramanian, Sushma (15 November 2011).
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