sex on the first date doesn't make you a hoe

Comedy Once during the UK panel show "Never Mind the Buzzcocks the panelists had to pick out a celebrity from a line-up.
In one chapter of The Darkside Detective, McQueen is called out to a campground to investigate the disappearance of a scout leader.
Sexual relationships are nuanced.
It was late at night and I suppose the poor joker was confused from having to talk about so many products all day.And despite the title, sometimes you can get away with explaining the joke.In fact, you're going to love it to death.And these ( lifts fists ) are not the hammer.Hank: The thing is, Magneto, it was not so long ago you were trying to kill us in a murderous rage.Note Linking to Memetic Mutation is not an explanation, by the way.Won't be needing to kill your sister after all.

Horrible's Sing-Along Blog : Captain Hammer: 'Cause she's with Captain Hammer.The puns in the later Xanth novels are often explained rather than actually showing their pun nature.Wondermark blog "The Comic Strip Doctor" once demonstrated what's up with Garfield : How could a comic that incorporated any of the following panels not be funny?(She also misspelled "euphemism".) Looking for pay for sex change Group has this pearl : Richard: We should leaf this place.By doing this you are setting yourself and any possibility of a relationship itself up for failure.Louie: She said the same thing to me about ten minutes ago!The bot then proceeds to dissect what makes the joke work (even calling it amusing on 2 levels much to Pepper's infuriation.Lampshaded Double Entendre and, euphemism Buster (close cousins of Variant 3 "Just Joking" Justification.