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Former Navy officer Charles Howeson, 69, has been jailed for sexually abusing young men in the 1980s and 1990s.
I felt and still feel ashamed by this.
Speaking outside the court last week, his wife and mother of his three children Emma Howeson said they intended to appeal.
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Star Trek: The, experience before other items were auctioned in 2010, two years after the venue closed down.She has declined to respond to Ars' questions.But he is now facing personal bankruptcy, with his family home - which is in his wife's name - on the market for offers over 600,000.She had been one of a handful of people who reported him to authorities and was ready to testify against him had there been a trial.'Having to go through this now, 30 years later, I still feel the numbness and the pain.Huddleston was arrested in April 2018, but it was not reported until just sex offender registry elizabeth nj last month.Huddleston's mother, Nancy, is a board member of the non-profit group, known as the.Earlier today a statement from one of his victims was read to the court.At today's sentencing hearing, Judge Mark Horton said: 'This case has revealed that whilst to the outside world you displayed the finest qualities of diplomacy, charisma, endeavour, organisation and charm, which you demonstrated during your period in the navy and in your extensive and successful.'This case clearly shows that even if you were a victim of a sexual crime many years ago, there is still a chance of bringing the offender to justice and at the same time, preventing others from suffering the same abuse.
She said: 'The offences, which consisted of premeditated sexual assaults on young men, has caused psychological harm to them for many years afterwards, affecting relationships and contributing towards drug and alcohol addictions, and depression.
Charles Howeson, 69, was convicted of 10 indecent assaults against eight young men during a trial last year.

I felt I couldn't talk about this to anyone.