10/06/18 Baton Rouge man killed, 2 others injured, in crash on I-10 near LaPlace : A 59-year-old Baton Rouge man was killed in a vehicle crash Saturday night (June 9) on Interstate 10 heading east near LaPlace.
Privacy Policy for more information about our use of data, your rights, and how to withdraw consent.Three workers were injured.You will have a frame of reference from which to provide me a real discreet married woman looking for sex life, credible example of how you responded.That is very, very telling.That fear and terrorism, like all things, has a point of critical mass.They trust that the terrorism that they have wrought upon us has taken root so deeply, that we dare not fight back; that we dare not use their own mechanisms against them.This one really got to me, because putting on that uniform is a choice that one makes by ones own volition.And though not killed by police, there was 17 year old Trayvon Martin sex offender registry 63128 and 17 year old Jordan Davis killed by white men.In their minds, they must terrorize us and keep us in fear.
Black People in America have been exclaiming that for centuries.
So, white people have a different opinion of the police (for the most part).

History is replete with examples of this; thus the slave patrol inspired policing, thus the resultant murders.Akai was simply walking down a stairwell, doing his job to get to the bottom.Instant Home Value 6910 Sovereign Pl, frederick, MD 4483 State Road 56 N, rising SUN, IN 225 Seneca Pl, charlotte, NC 4001 Riverchess Dr SW, atlanta, GA 9026 Fabens, SAN antonio, TX 6218 Channel Vw, SAN antonio, TX 2103 Garfield Ave, wilmington, DE 4414 Shamrock.Click here to check outage statuses.Shortly after the Ferguson uprising, I was on the air with Thom Hartmann and I told him that events like Dallas and, now, Baton Rouge were going to happen, and will continue to happen until there is real reform.But, unfortunately, there are Black People in America, men and women that will not sit idly by and watch our husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, and children be murdered with impunity.Phillip White had a family.Dear Neighbors, This has been bothering me for years!The Texaco Gas Mini Mart on Shorewood Forest Blvd. .The Louisiana Department of Corrections reported Stephen Dyer is being sought.Start New Discussion in Baton Rouge.
One reporter on a major network said, this morning: We just lost five of our own in Dallasand now another three of our own in Baton Rouge.
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12/06/18 How Baton Rouge landed its deal with Via Airlines : Baton Rouge Metro Airport was about 99 of the way through securing a deal with Via Airlines before calling in the local business community to seal the deal.
The Disconnect, i have been listening to, reading and watching this morning, some of the language being used by reporters from various news outlets from various media.