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They consider it, but Nick decides that they formed their company so theyd never have to have another boss. .
In the highly anticipated sequel to the 2011 comedy, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and, charlie Day reunite for some more hilarious antics.He cant radio them to warn them, because theyre horsing around on their walkie talkies trying to come up with code names. .I'm just going to visit the men's room real quick he replies.When Stacey leaves, Julia tells Dale that guys can still get boners in comas and she had coma sex with him. .Shes also sex addicts anonymous meetings atlanta ga super touchy feely with Stacey now. .Hes Lupes horrible boss, orders her to clean sex offender map 80013 water out of the sink and throws his shoes at her face. .When it comes to coherent plotting, the four screenwriters shrug: whatever.The guys hide in a bathroom closet and catch Lupe sticking Rexs toothbrush up her butt. .Jason Bateman ) rolls his eyes and makes flat, deadpan comments.They go to the parking garage and find Burt, who isnt intimidated by their ridiculously awful masks. .Aniston responds, "So, your sexual addition, it's homosexual in nature?" LOL!But a slick investor soon pulls the rug out from under them.Much like an automated car wash pumps out different soaps through the same hose, The Shower Buddy does the same in the shower. . Hit the jump to check out the new.

Share, meet local sexy nude girls tweet, share, email, a brand-new, horrible Bosses 2 trailer is here!All is not lost though because "MF" Jones shows up (possibly to double cross them) and tells them that if they can lead the cops to the place where Rex is supposed to be before Rex gets there, the Rex will clearly be found guilty.In the first, which was released over the summer, Aniston's character asks Bateman towait for it poop on her!Kevin Spacey that dropped yesterday, it doesnt look like theyre very good.Instead all we feel is desperation.The director of the first film was.The nitrous goes off and the guys giggle themselves to sleep.Then everyone will meet up at a resort and celebrate.He spends the movie reacting to idiotic situations like Dale (Day) buying Dora the Explorer walkie-talkies or Kurt (Sudeikis) being so distracted by hot girls that he forgets to do a key task in the kidnapping scheme.A second clip just surfaced showing what happens when Nick walks into Julias (.Mike, nick (Jason Bateman Kurt (Jason Sudiekis) and Dale (Charlie Day) are on a Good Morning Los Angeles television show about to promote their new product The Shower Buddy. .