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In other words the ultimate means of control and discipline are centralized.
On the first line of the abstract page, center the word Abstract (no bold, formatting, italics, underlining, or"tion marks).This is why there is so much fight now around the P word.But what I see now is a particular, capitalist expression of this toxicity in the form of arguments that patriarchy is not a problem as long as I get mine.Then the Seed of Chucky east German women looking for man assumed the symbolic Seat of world power.Chicks are brooded by the parents until they are 9 days old, but the parents will continue to sleep in the nest at night.But if you arent allowed to talk about either of them, because supposedly they are not real, then you will remain forever trapped inside them.The finish is also going to vary when applied to wood.All finish colors may vary from what you see on your computer screen.Subscribe here to monthly posts.So Im interpreting the current gender trouble through those values even as my world view has been moving to accommodate the moment.In perfect response to an Identity Politician where can i lookup sex offenders in my area for free running America, identity politics has hardened into two extreme poles (9).Anything on the abuse triad of victim/aggressor/savior is a defensive belief system.If I put anyone on the defensive, thats contributing.Its also narcissistic and disconnected.Minds are not so private.The part that cares about that has to die for writing to happenpart of why writing is heaven).
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I take this from Phenomenology of Sprit by GWF Hegel.

Heres one short version with apologies if my taste in books is too strange.A lot of it is so sad, because it locks a man in having to know everything (especially being an expert on how others are stupid having to do everything, having to kick ass to be loved, not getting to know your feelings, never experiencing.What man wants to be disposable, the same way patriarchy has made you disposable all along as soldiers and workers?Theres an underlying dynamic here.Once bonded, members of a pair often remain together for life and should not be separated.And, have you done it more than once?Rather, the way an owl finch drinks is by tipping its bill down into water, then while the bill is immersed, using the tongue to 'scoop' water into the pharynx where the front of the larynx then immediately forces the water into the esophagus; peristalsis.

Your abstract should be a single paragraph, double-spaced.
But is an angry man with no feminine force within and beside him a good man?