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(Imagine this light is the dating sex personalized advice moon.) Now, move to the opposite side of the room. .
Some nights I would drink more than two bottles of wine.
But many are exceeding these guidelines on nights out or when drinking alone at home.Our reality is not holographic but is illusory nonetheless.I didnt write THE bible SO dont argue with.The flight paths are a total joke until you plot them on the flat earth map that the UN uses for its flag and all of a sudden they become straight lines.The biggest proof of spherical earth was nasa.I couldn't carry on the way I was'.But even as President Trump's critics accuse him of going easy on the Kremlin, the hits from the White House toward Moscow just keep on coming.Yes they are all part of a regressive, massive dehumanization and sterilization agenda, drugging the children with vision destroying technology, what ARE they doing TO your children?So why does everyone believe what nasa tells us?The root word only occurs in the Hebrew Bible once as a verb (Job 26:10).Todd Wood So now the Democrats have sued the Trump campaign, Russia and WikiLeaks over supposed "collusion" during the 2016 presidential election.I was always hungover so I was grumpy and had no energy to do things like help her with her homework or take her swimming.You wonder why a 4,700 man military operation operation high jump was run to investigate the ice ring that surrounds the entire earth, then operation fishbowl was run to electrify and electrically charge the dome by detonating nuclear bombs hundreds of miles up in the atmosphere.Drinking to excess was the norm for mother Lucy Rocca in her twenties and thirties.have THE educrat lackeys finished OF your childrens connection TO THE ONE WHO PUT THE 75,000 miles OF circulatory system IN THE incredible bodies?

The world is flat and motionless.Sadly with the forced vaccinations, the satanic media, the disgusting fake toxic food, the booze, pills, dope, porn, the wireless emissions beaming through our walls, forced into the laps of children at school, the dosed water, the sprayed skies and the outright lies of the.Nasa exists TO subtly GET humanity TO remove GOD OUT OF everything BY running complete interference with pure satanic AND occult deception right IN your faces and of course to siphon trillions dollars into black budget secret programs such as advanced technologies, weaponries and massive.HOW CAN nasa BE SO stupid?Where is the blast crater this pile of junk would have made?Trent Franks, who resigned earlier this year.I stopped going to the pub and I took up running which became my stress release.It says what it says and there is a reason the sky is blue and the Milky Way looks like a tear in the dome because that is where the flood came from when the heavens were opened FOR THE great flood OF noah.