These bonds are eligible for market-based rates once they're held for five years.
Purchased in amounts of 25 or more (examples: 50, 75, 100, 200, 500, 1,000 and 5,000).
Be sure to call first, some banks do not handle the find sex offenders living near you cashing in of US Savings Bonds.Series EE bonds issued after May 2005 are assigned a fixed coupon rate; rates are set twice per year on May 1 and November 1, and apply to all issuances for the ensuing six months.Bonds with this designation cant be cashed until they are at least 12 months old.Year-to-Date Interest, the total amount of interest accumulated by the bonds in this inventory from January of the year listed in the Value as of box through the date given.Investing for Beginners, bonds, some Series EE savings bonds mature in a few years, others in several decades.Series EE Savings Bond Guide.Matured This bond is MA tured and not earning interest.A 100 Series EE bond, for instance, would cost you 50 at the time you bought.Each May 1 and November 1, Treasury announces two Savings Bond rates.Only you and your professional adviser can women over 40 looking for men decide what works based on your own needs, resources, and personality.If you have questions about any of the fields that are displayed, here are short descriptions of the fields displayed by the Calculator.If you'd like more detail, check out our Instructions for Saving Your Inventory Page.

For example, if you want to find the interest your bonds accrued in 1999, enter 12/1999 in the 'Value as of' box.Minors can also own EE Bonds.The Treasury now sells the bond at face value and the bond earns interest over time so you get more than the face value back when you cash.Individuals, corporations, associations, public or private organizations, and fiduciaries can own paper Series EE/E Bonds.Series EE bond is also known as the Patriot Bond.Alternatively, the bond owner can elect to report interest each year as it accrues; however, such an election must apply to all of the owner's accrual-type securities.The Series I bonds come with a fixed coupon rate and receive an additional inflation-adjusted interest rate that is adjusted semi-annually.We use this rate to calculate the interest that accumulates on the Next Accrual Date.For example, if you buy a bond and redeem it 24 months later, you'll get back your original investment and 21 months of interest.Effective: 1/1/2012 You can no longer purchase paper EE Savings Bonds at a local bank, financial institution or credit union.

This information is not required, but is important for record-keeping purposes if your bonds are ever lost or destroyed.