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Her DNA was found on two beer bottles and an empty wine glass.The soiled needle was turned in to police by a distraught woman whose seven-year-old son had unsuspectingly stepped on it in a playground in the town of Gerolstein, not far from the border with Belgium.'The Phantom' is not, he is certain, some 'criminal genius' who is cleverly outwitting the police and prosecutors of Germany and much of Europe.But nowhere is the sense of determination - and growing frustration - felt more keenly than in a large, pale-yellow building in the centre of Bad Kreuznach.The 'Woman Without a Face' had, it seemed, struck again.U3 drink AT THE wartberg hill.Saliva swabs have been taken, too, from hundreds of women in southern Germany, France, even Belgium and Italy.F17 guided city tour during THE farmers' market Every Saturday.30 am, an open city tour will show participants the most important sights of Heilbronn.On the night of, two weeks after the syringe was found, a caravan was burgled on the outskirts of Mainz, not far from Bad Kreuznach.When they arrived, they found Lieselotte Schlenger dead, strangled by a strand of wire taken from a bouquet of flowers in her sitting room.Even crime fiction has changed beyond recognition.A spokesperson at the FSS adds that Horn is right to be especially sceptical of the value of reports suggesting that Germany's mystery killer might be blonde and blue-eyed.Get together available from Mon - Sun, from.The apparent randomness of the break-ins, the small amounts often taken, point to targets of opportunity and a desperate need for cash.
Horn fully expects another round of calls, emails and reports in the days ahead from the other teams at work on what has become the most intractable case he and his colleagues have ever handled.
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And on the afternoon of, she - or sex meetings bristol traces of her - reappeared much closer to Bad Kreuznach, at an attempted murder in the cathedral city of Worms.At least three men have been arrested - from Slovakia, Serbia and Moldova.'Of course I'm following the case of The Phantom.At some of the crime scenes, the genetic print of presumed accomplices was also found, though according to Horn 'it was never the same ones'.The following year, across the French border in Besançon, it turned up again - on a toy pistol used in a robbery.And in cases where there is 'nothing else to go on genetic profiling - particularly since the technique works by using repetitive 'junk' DNA rather than the genetically encoding sequences - can provide 'only intelligence, only an inference'.F37 guided city tours FOR children AND pupils For groups of max 30 persons.Duration:.5 hrs., Price: Euro 60, English or French language tours Euro.'It is true she says, 'that there is a test for identifying redheads, but only because so few of the population have red hair.' But even a test like that can't 'identify' a criminal.