Literature Used in the first Arrivals From The Dark futures maturity date novel called Invasion, where an alien starship pulls an Earth cruiser in for a closer look.
The Dead Space series has gravity tethers, which can move massive amounts of rock into orbit.The War Blimp boss in Heavy Weapon has a "Meteor Tractor Beam it makes meteors rain on you shortly after it is fired.Tractor Beam abduction is spoofed to heck and back in the Pixar short film Lifted.One of the gadgets in Ratchet And Clank Going Commando.Present in the first two games in the Escape Velocity series, and possible but unused in the third.Elizabeth is surprised that an actual tractor beam exists.Tractor Beams in Sword Of The Stars can be mounted in nearly any large turret socket in the game.When a woman tried to commit suicide to make a political point, the "loop" yanked the knife out of her hand: She threw out her right arm with a knife.Then some sneaky git kicks it into reverse and turns him into 'one big bruise'.
The sport of pulling can trace its roots back to the early part of the 20th century when people got together to have draft horse pulls.

The ntpa is a professional brand of competition, hosting more than 280 sessions of pulling action throughout the.S.They can grab enemy shuttles and be used to "death drag" the shuttle to destruction by traveling at high speed."We look forward to the great challenge at hand to bring a new look to the sport of pulling and build the interest and fan base from this great opportunity.".However, in the first game, a tractor beam cannot be rotated, which means the positioning can be a bit of a crapshoot.To achieve a "push" effect, Scotty has to use a tuned beam from the main deflector.Blair's crippled fighter, at the end of Wing Commander III, is retrieved by a Kilrathi Dreadnought that uses a tractor beam to draw.
To counter a tractor beam, the enemy can change their tractor beams to "push".

Gravity guns: Thrust, the truly ancient computer game where you piloted a spacecraft through tunnels to pick up an object with your tractor beam and pulled it out again.