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Follow the step-by-step process below to complete self-certification as a small business and verification as a small diverse business.
A business must meet the following requirements to self-certify as a small business.
Additional proof of ethnicity and/or gender must be submitted at time of verification.May not employ more than 100 full-time equivalent employees.Applicants to the SWaM certification program must complete the on-line application for certification and provide the required documents with the application to be considered for certification as a Small, Women- or Minority-owned Business.Federal form 1065, the.S.The SWaM Procurement Initiative was established to enhance business opportunities for small, women- and minority-owned businesses and to ensure a level playing field for all small businesses in the Commonwealth of Virginia.Contact the Bureau of Diversity, Inclusion Small Business Opportunities for a copy of the form by calling (717) or emailing.Proceed to Step 2 if you already have a PA Vendor Number.Small, Women, and Minority Owned Businesses Information.PA Supplier Portal and click on Suppler Registration.
Federal form 1120S,.S.
Small business self-certification, a two-year certification which requires biannual renewal, is a prerequisite for verification as a Small Diverse Business.

Virginia's Department of Minority Business Enterprise is the state agency dedicated to enhancing the participation of our small, women- and minority-owned businesses in Virginias procurement opportunities.The business: Must be a for-profit, United States business.A SWaM vendor is a business that has been certified by the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise and is listed in the SWaM Vendor Directory.The Bureau of Diversity, Inclusion Small Business Opportunities (bdisbo) verifies self-certified Small Businesses that wish to participate as Minority, Woman, Veteran, Service Disabled Veteran, lgbt, and Disability-Owned Business Enterprises through the Small Diverse Businesses program.Step 3 small diverse business verification Once successfully registering as a small business, the applicant will be offered the opportunity to verify as a Small Diverse Business.The applicant may continue to the verification section of the application at this point, Steps dating women over 45 6 7, by selecting the "Verify as an SDB" button at the bottom of Step 5 of the self-certification application, or the applicant may return at a later time.SWaM is the acronym for Small, Women- and Minority-owned businesses.In Process Third-Party Certifications The Department of General Services, Bureau of Diversity, Inclusion Small Business Opportunities, is aware of vendor concerns regarding the timely completion of the third-party certification process needed to re-verify Small Diverse Business (SDB) status.PA Supplier Portal Support page, or contact the Supplier Service Center at Supplier Service Center at or (877) 435-7363, option.
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