This is different from electronically purchased Series EE bonds bought through the TreasuryDirect program, as well as all Series I savings bonds.
Deferred interest earnings become taxable when the bond is redeemed or matures.
The answer, 60, is the total years necessary for the bond to double in value.
Over their original maturities, the bonds increase in value to become worth at least the face amount.An easy way to get around all the particulars concerning the interest rates no registration adult dating on your bonds is to use the Savings Bond Wizard and input the information about the bonds.One way to calculate time to maturity is to use the.If thats the case, the interest earnings are excluded from federal income tax when bonds are used to finance education.The interest your bond earns is considered taxable income, so the government or the financial institution that redeemed your bond will issue you tax form 1099-INT, showing just how much interest your bond paid.Next interest date: Dec-09, final maturity date: Dec-23, face value: 500, issue date: May-94, price: 250, interest: 214.40, value: 464.40.Yield:.46, next interest date: Dec-09, final maturity date: Jun-13.Rate:.70, yield:.17, next interest date: Nov-09, final maturity date: May-24.Information on government savings bond maturity is important to know when purchasing bonds.The yield column shows the return over the time youve owned the bonds.

You may also like.I used it for your bonds and came up with the following information: EE savings bond details, face value: 500, issue date: Jun-83.Series I Savings Bonds, which offer inflation protection.Series H and HH Bonds, series HH bonds are purchased at their face value and can only be purchased in exchange for Series EE bonds.Series H bonds were sold between 19They mature after 30 years and they are not longer being sold.Pay attention to the next accrual (interest) date, however, so you know when the next interest payment is credited to the bond.When Series HH bonds mature, after 20 years, they are cashed in at purchase value, with no interest accrued.You give the government your money and the government can then use it to make its ends meet.Both Series H and HH bonds pay interest on a semi annual basis which is taxable and required to be reported.Are all three at full value as of July 24, 2009?
You don't have to redeem the bond to do this.