Effective May 1st, 2012, Series I Bonds earn interest at the annual rate.20 (see breakout).
However, you can also buy paper Savings Bonds directly from the Federal Reserve, but you need a multi-part form that cant be downloaded.
You should keep a list of your bonds, by serial number, in a safe location and separate from the actual bonds.
When the fixed rate is significantly below.50, the redemption value of an EE bond will explode on its 20th anniversary.Past I Bond Fixed Rates The following is a list of fixed rates for I bonds and their issue periods.The main purpose behind these new 'I' bonds was to protect the bond owner/investor from inflation.Individuals, corporations, associations, public or private organizations, and fiduciaries can own government website for registered sex offenders paper Series I Savings Bonds.Using Savings Bonds Tax-Free for Education Special tax benefits are available to qualified owners of I Savings Bonds under the Education Savings Bond Program.Due to the special rules of I Bonds that state no bond will ever lose value, the lowest rate an I Savings Bond can ever have.How long savings bonds earn interest, based on issue date: series, issue date, number OF years bonds earn interest.If the bank is reluctant, make it clear that you plan to send the bonds to the Federal Reserve yourself, that you are not requesting that the bank redeem the bonds, and that redemption is impossible without a local bank certifying your signature.
I Savings Bond rates are announced every May 1st and November 1st.
Civilian employee of the United States regardless of residence.

I Bonds never drop below 0!).You can redeem them at any time after a 12-month holding period.I bonds are sold at face value;.e., you pay 100 for a 100 I bond.For example: A face-value 100 paper I bond is purchased for 100.Enter how many forms you need, then scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter your name and address, and click the.In this senario, your I Bond will earn.An I bond's composite earnings rate changes every six months after its issue date.February 1957- December 1979 30 years, hH, all issues 20 years, i All issues 30 years, savings Notes.Box 867, pittsburgh, PA 15230.For example, if you buy a bond and redeem it 24 months later, you'll get back your original investment and 21 months of interest.This may be advantageous for I bonds in a child's name.
15.10.50 Rate this post (1 to 5 stars (Average rating:.44 stars) fdic Insured Certificates of Deposit can pay 1 or 2 more than savings bonds when held for a similar length of time.
Savings Bonds, use the tables below to determine whether your savings bonds have stopped earning interest.