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Rory from Doctor Who is a raging Amy-sexual.
Pretty strongly implied with Misao toward Aoshi.It must be nice being a Mary Sue like him.Will: You ever think about gettin' remarried?Justified in that Ike saved Soren's life when they were children, and Soren's Dark and Troubled Past overall.Jace puts the final nail in the coffin by confronting Alec, telling him that he was only infatuated with Jace because it was a "safe guaranteed unrequited love that he could use as an excuse to avoid other relationships.Tales Of The Abyss has a few examples, mostly amongst the antagonists.Films Animation The Book Of Life : "I Will Wait For You basically describes how Manolo will wait for Maria.Malazan Book Of The Fallen : In the third book, Memories Of Ice, Detoran is Hedge -sexual.Nawat from Tamora Pierce's Daughter Of The Lioness books is Aly-sexual, possibly because he's actually a crow who was turned into a human and real crows mate for life.Suzuka : Yamato even when in other relationships, is obsessed with her.Even more remarkable on my wife does not want sex with me Adrien's side as he has hundreds of fangirls but is indifferent to anybody else than Ladybug (thus, Marinette).Mawaru-Penguindrum : Tabuki and Yuri Loved Momoka.Which was made explicit when she wound up dry humping a tree, due to an illusion caused by Jacqui's glamour spell that showed Sandi her heart's desire, which was: the sight of Faith naked, offering to "reward" her!K 's Fushimi towards Misaki to mega Yandere asian and european women looking for sexual encounters levels Kaguya from Kaguya Sama Love Is War only has eyes for Shirogane.
Later, talking to Controller 011's ghost convinces Kaizer to move on and give Aria a chance.

Oh, sure, she has a history of wild promiscuity covering men and women, and another history of a slightly less amusing nature, but when it comes right down to it Francine has always been the only one for her.Upon wondering out loud why this would be, Elliot just smiles and says that it's because he's in love.Luckily adult friend finder japan in the end timelines converge and no one's left out.His wife, and everybody else." In Elektra Luxx, Holly invokes this trope as she declares her love for Bambi.Julian Blackthorn from The Dark Artifices doesn't have eyes for anyone except Emma, to the point he was confused as a young teen when he didn't experience attraction to other girls.Slower." Probably Alison from Pretty Little Liars could be considered this since she said she never really loved anyone except Emily Burt and Virginia fro Raising Hope only have eyes for each other.
It has led to many instances of a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.

Which certainly seems to explain some of his more disturbing behavior towards Solid Snake, a clone of Big Boss and a dead ringer for a young version of him.
Watanuki in xxxHOLiC has this for Himawari.
One such fanfic is Fever Dreams where L is shown to have no physical or emotional attraction to anyone other than Light.