I'm sure that this site will be of local paper in east sussex interest as it contains information about Gascoigne school including teachers etc and more importantly about James Dixon (Including a picture) He was remembered in Walthamstow in the form of a council owned high rise block of flats.
At least it's prettier than here.
He moved to London in the early 1900's and I can trace him in 1911 living in Barnes with his wife Edith and daughter Sylvia.Kind regards to all Alec J smith Public Reply to Marilyn stroud ( ) Hello Marilyn, Please do not put yourself down as your all too short letter is not at all boring and personally after a month of absolutely no new articles I welcome.I attach a photo, which I took during the 2011 gathering, of the Palace Parade, which replaced the Palace Theatre.When my wife and I ran our Youth Club in Priory Court we melted old vynil records to make table decorations for set piece disco's and used Ultra violet lights in the hall to pick up the fluorescents in white clothing.Can anyone help please?Anyway, after purchasing the bread my friend and I decided to cross Forest Road by Lists the bakers and not walk up to the zebra crossing at the bottom of Melville Road which always had a policeman in attendance.We visited this on Monday as his grand parents were married there.Now this is the strange part because he had been sent my article by a man in the United Kingdom who once again I do not know but he may well be a reader of Walthamstow Memories.There was a Saturday morning "tupenny rush" for children which usually showed cowboy films and cartoons.Hi, I am not able to make a reply to RAY dennison IN THE postbag, can I send the message to you to enter on the web site?Regards Ruth ellington General Hello again, you helped me with the research on Rosina Florence Hutton, who was in the ATS and died in your area on active service in 19/1/1945.Stephen morley Walthamstow at War - public reply to Bill bayliss : Hello Bill, I cannot add anything more to the report from "Walthamstow at War" on the V1 flying bomb incident at the top of the High Street apart from the nearest".Colin barnes Family History : Hi, I am tracing my family tree I was wondering if anybody new anything about my great nan Doris May Newman and grandad John English, they were the first couple to have triplets in Waltham Forest.The registration DYE 1 does not give much clue to ownership as a cousin of mine, a vintage car restorer, says that old registration records were destroyed.Blunts Hall, Witham: rump,.A.,.Contents: A Middle Bronze Age site at Great Wakering: K Reidy.
We used to go to the park all the time in the 1950's as it was a great place to play and cause mischief!
Thank you, Martin daley Longfellow Road, E17.

It is quite detailed and talks about a lady, Ethel, who would come and collect things to take to the pawn shop, the organ-man, dream woman wanted to follow the coal-man and his draught horse, and a knife grinder man.It now looks like a concrete jungle!James (Jimmy) Dixon was a well loved man and one of the most influential 20th Century educationalists in Walthamstow.Regards, Derek everett Lost Found Msg 1: to Val Pond (nee Wenman) ( post dated.8.10 ).I am trying to find information about my maternal grandmother who was known as Violet Mary smith.Fanshawe Manuscripts: 'Leary,.S.A.,.L.A.Respects, Bill bayliss General : Just a very quick message to say how delighted I am to have come across your site.These bus services are all run by First Essex, however, there are other services in the area, including Arriva Shires Essex, Hedingham Omnibuses, Regal Busways and the occasional service from Stephensons of Essex.
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They were splendid looking instruments that would rise up out of the bowels of the stage somehow and then the music would commence.