Michael's Hospital "Our program provides support, information university of essex 50th anniversary and referrals to victims of crime and tragedy.
Deborah Lee Reference and Information Services National Library of Canada "My name is Ashif Jiwani, CEO of HumanCare Employee Assistance Programs.We would be thrilled to be represented in your legal collection.They provide the first step to individuals who may not have any knowledge or access to legal advice.I felt that having them in our Outpatient Unit will assist clients.I am requesting 200 flyers.Sheila Coulthard, Adminstrative Clerk.It is important that there is a place where people can obtain fundamental information that can assist them in solving legal problems and that can help them determine criteria when interviewing lawyers to represent them.Barb Babineau Probation Parole / Caledonia Ministry of Correctional Services "We are funded by Legal Aid Ontario, covering areas of law not eligible for a Legal Aid Certificate.PLease ship me 3 boxes of flyers.Your information pamphlets would be an immensely valuable tool to use in our seminars.Your guides will be distributed throughout our drop in programs, displayed in our resource center, given to co-workers and will also be used at community tables and conferences.I picked up one of your guides at another community agency.I feel that our Company would benefit if we can have these brochures available for all our employees.There are some overlaps seen in this map, made by a Statistics Canada researcher in 2006.Legal Line can help people with problems such as: recognize and identify legal issues that require research or attention; understand their legal rights in situations of potential conflict; recognize when they should call a lawyer; receive guidance to help them avoid increasing their exposure.

Another important factor is the accuracy of the legal information, especially when explaining complicated matters.We were very impressed with the comprehensive categories and supporting contact numbers.Over the past 30 years, I have established myself as a highly respected member of the legal profession and I have gained the confidence of my clients as an aggressive search find litigator specializing in plaintiff personal injury law.Customers come to me on a daily basis, so thirsty for information on issues of which I have no information at all.Just like Legal Line, provides accurate and up-to-date information about services in a consistent format.The Communications Branch of the Commission has approved the link of our website direct to Legal Line.The Peel Regional Police Service would be pleased to display the Legal Line brochures in our facilities.Arlette Tyrrell, Metro Hall Social Services Community and Neighbourhood Services City of Toronto "We have been a user of your Legal Line Guide for sometime.One of our functions is to introduce students to the campus, and provide them with all the information we can to help them in their futures, so we would like to distribute Legal Line flyers on mass.
Steve Coghill Region of Peel Ontario Works "The information you have compiled would be of great interest and tremendous help to the clientele we cater.
We exist to maintain and advance the workplace rights of our members a big task in todays federal public service.

Lisa Dempster Head of Library Monarch Park Collegiate "I received the Legal Line Guide in a package with Canadian Lawyer.
I came across Legal Line in the Government community resource information guide (The Blue Book) while looking for legal resources for a patient.