Providing for community and public notification concerning the presence of sexual predators.
If a sexual predator's place of residence is a vessel, live-aboard vessel, or houseboat, as defined in chapter 327, the sexual predator shall also provide to the department written notice of the hull identification number; the manufacturer's serial number; the name of the vessel, live-aboard.
985.701 (1 or a violation of a similar law of another jurisdiction when the victim of the offense was a minor, and who works, whether for compensation or as a volunteer, at any local sex offender alert business, school, day care center, park, playground, or other place where children.(c) "Conviction" means a determination of guilt which is the result of a trial or the entry of a plea of guilty or nolo contendere, regardless of whether adjudication is withheld.County and local law enforcement agencies, in conjunction with the department, shall verify the addresses of sexual predators who are not under the care, custody, control, or supervision of the Department of Corrections.Law enforcement may release public information about registered offenders "in any manner deemed appropriate." The.View Public Registry Sites.Education Prevention, indicators of Abuse in Teens.Virgin IslandsUmatilla ReservationUnited Keetoowah BandUpper Skagit Indian TribeUtahUte Indian TribeUte Mountain Ute TribeVermontVirginiaWarm Springs ReservationWashingtonWashoe TribeWest VirginiaWhite Mountain Apache TribeWinnebago Tribe of NebraskaWisconsinWyandotte NationWyomingYakama NationYankton Sioux TribeYavapai-Apache NationYavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe.If the sexual predator's place of residence is a motor vehicle, trailer, mobile home, or manufactured home, as defined in chapter 320, the sexual predator shall also provide to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles the vehicle identification number; the license tag number;.There is no need to contact the police department upon receipt of this type of community alert. .It may be used by anyone for any purpose.
If the sheriff is notified by the sexual predator that he or she intends to remain in this state, the sheriff shall promptly report this information to the department.

794.011 (2 (3 (4 (5 or (8.(3) legislative findings AND purpose; legislative intent.- (a) Repeat sexual offenders, sexual offenders who use physical violence, and sexual offenders who prey on children are sexual predators who present an extreme threat to the public safety.We offer mapping and search capabilities for your applications using our custom built jSON API script.The photograph and fingerprints do not have to be stored in a computerized format.The presumption of good faith is not overcome if a technical or clerical error is made by the department, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the Department of Corrections, the personnel of those departments, or any individual or entity acting at the request.944.607 and shall be subject to community and public notification as provided.Safety is our number one concern!Detectives will follow up on any potential issues of non-compliance and make arrests accordingly.(e) "Entering the county" includes being discharged from a correctional facility or jail or secure treatment facility within the county or being under supervision within the county for the commission of a violation enumerated in subsection (4).The state attorney in the circuit in which the petition is filed must be given notice of the petition at least 3 weeks before the hearing on the matter.
When the department provides information regarding a registered sexual predator to the public, department personnel must advise the person making the inquiry that positive identification of a person believed to be a sexual predator cannot be established unless a fingerprint comparison is made, and that.
Incarcerating sexual predators and maintaining adequate facilities to ensure that decisions to release sexual predators into the community are not made on the basis of inadequate space.

Users should understand that not all registrants addresses can be mapped due to limitations of mapping software or due to the variances of the address data reported by local law enforcement to DPS.
But fails to make a report as required under this subparagraph commits a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided.
(b) In order to be counted as a prior felony for purposes of this subsection, the felony must have resulted in a conviction sentenced separately, or an adjudication of delinquency entered separately, prior to the current offense and sentenced or adjudicated separately from any other felony.