August 13, 2007 The Anti-Crist In the registered sex offenders union county georgia August issue of Governing, I described how South Carolina's response to the coastal property insurance crisis differs from Florida's.
Morning News Does.C.Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee took a new step in his public health crusade yesterday, granting "Healthy Arkansas" designations to 106 of his state's dining.August 7, 2006 Meth: Good News and Bad The first time I glanced at the National Association of Counties' latest report on meth, I thought it vindicated the meth precursor laws that have.Last year, a few states.How many governors currently have blogs?Of Utah could hardly be more old school.A few months ago, I wrote a feature describing how state and local governments were picking.A sampling of the coverage: Denver Post: 300M.The sexiest futuristic cars run on electricity and hydrogen.October 6, 2009 Mommy, Where Do Governing's Stories Come From?February 22, 2006 Virginia's Laziness Tax The Virginia legislature is top 5 sex dating apps considering a gas tax increase with a twist.
October 31, 2007 Now That's Scary If the state of Kentucky gets its way, the joke tonight will be on Snickers, Good Plenty won't be plentiful and Almond Joy will.

The two are Refs.Here are three aspirants who are in worse.Andrew Cuomo will be the next attorney general.Prior to the vote, I believe New Jersey was the.That's good news for him because Warner won.Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm's reelection campaign is already signing up supporters.Ninety-nine government reports out of one hundred instantly get tossed in the wastebasket of irrelevancy, but yesterday's Surgeon General report on secondhand smoke seems destined.April 30, 2009 The Power of Purple Pipes You may have never thought about the color of your pipes.October 2, 2008 The Impetus for 311 In a session at Managing Performance this afternoon, Jill Jordan, the assistant city manager of Dallas, offered a reason for her city's interest in 311 that.Gov: Folsom Leads An astute reader in Alabama notes an interesting comeback bid: Former Alabama Governor Jim Folsom., a Democrat, is currently leading in the race for.There are tons of interesting referendums in both places.
A couple of months ago, I had a very simple question for a state that will remain nameless.
New Jersey's taken a lot of heat for its search for a new slogan.

When it comes to the practice of paying doctors a fixed fee for expanded primary care.
November 30, 2009 A Democratic Governor's GOP Employment Program Steve Beshear, the Democratic governor of Kentucky, is appointing Republicans to key offices-and other Republicans don't like.
Corrections costs have increased far more rapidly than the rate of inflation over the past couple of decades.