reddit how important is eye contact during sex

28F I'm now certain that I give good, maybe even great head.
Do you look eyes sex think I, as someone that used to be uncomfortable with this, is local news for braintree essex now unaware that these things can be difficult for people?
Gumbo, pt1: Getting Started.
The other person will notice it as a vibe.Read the room, read the situation you're in, and read the person you're talking.Afraid to just look directly at each other when talking.Pt2: The Biggest Fear Pt3: Judgment Pt4: The Pinnacle of Confidence Pt5: Nice Guy Syndrome Pt7: Intent Pt8: Charisma Pt9: Perspective.Sometimes you wait for them to break, other times you're the one to break.

Anyone else notice these things?They make me giddy like a schoolgirl with the new piƱa colada lip gloss.Holding eye contact w/o breaking for short amounts of time is perceived as nervous or low self esteem.You'll feel anxiety gripping you after the first 3 seconds.It does other things with your cheeks, nose, and lips.I'm going to go more concrete and write about something that's more physically noticeable and applicable.But this has made me realize how many people aren't used to that and how many people will look away mid-conversation or glance and look away uncomfortably.Edit: Thanks for the answers everyone.They can't tell the difference.Edit 2: Since a lot of people are reading way too into this and commenting with some asinine and rude things, let me just clarify that I'm obviously not talking about making unwavering, deep eye contact with everyone I speak to and never looking away.Play around with the amount of time you spend holding, and you'll get different effect.
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The longer you hold it, the more it builds up and the more you want to let it go to depressurize.

If you want to have that type of eye contact, instead of focusing on their pupil (the black part focus on the iris (colored part) and consciously try to figure out what color.
I'm playing around with the idea of either doing assertiveness, confidence pt2, integrity, or the friendzone next.
But I've noticed when I meet people that aren'T uncomfortable with it, I have a stronger connection and can read the conversation a lot better.