A1060 Essex - A1060 Roxwell Road in Writtle closed in both directions between the Lordship Road junction and Thieves Corner, because of a serious accident.
Recordings: - Updated 2nd June 2018, our email address is: Rayleigh, Rochford Castle Point TN Registered Charity.Read more Posted at 12:05 4 Jun Basildon Echo Two families have been made homeless casting for farmer wants a wife after a fire in a tortoise enclosure at a house in Rayleigh.Tom's troubles began in 2012 and when his savings ran out, he began sofa-surfing, then ended up sex offenders list in ct on the streets of Rochester in Kent, and in London - and was finally referred to charity Emmaus in Cambridge.Read more Posted at 18:06 14 Jun The killers of 17-year-old Kyle Yule may never be released, a judge warns.M25 Essex - Slow traffic on M25 clockwise at J30, A13 (Lakeside because of an earlier broken down vehicle.There is a good service reported on all London Underground lines.We ask people around England how they feel about their accents.
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Read more Posted at 17:58 14 Jun Kyle Yule stabbing defendants 'seen in drill music videos' Videos were uploaded to the internet while five defendants awaited trial for the murder of Kyle Yukle.Read more Posted at 13:10 12 Jun The prisoner has been on the roof of HMP Chelmsford for more than 24 hours.It told the crew: "Don't worry about our driveway, I'm not planning on going anywhere today." The writer went on to tell staff they were welcome to use the drive, and he was grateful for "all your work".Posted at 15:32 14 Jun The company admitted health and safety breaches after the death of Kenneth Ibbetson in 2015.M25 Kent - Stationary traffic on M25 Dartford Tunnel anticlockwise between J1a, A206 (Erith) and J31, A1306 (West Thurrock because of a broken down vehicle and all traffic being temporarily held.Thank you for your feedback Mrs Crichton.Exclusive, get involved with the news in your community.This message (from Mrs S Crichton, Thundersley, Essex) was inside her wallet this morning.All lanes have been re-opened.Read more Posted at 18:43 9 May Two police officers were attacked during a call to a house in Essex.
Getty Images Posted at 20:24 13 Jun M25 Essex anti-clockwise severe accident, between J30 for A13 Lakeside and J29 for A127.