2 Headquarters edit The first police headquarters of 1814 was an office building at Neuer Wall.
The former brought tasks from the Wedde and Prätur into the new police.Grzegorz Baziur, obep IPN Kraków (2002).16 The Polizei Hamburg consists of the Zentraldirektion (head office) of the uniformed police ( Schutzpolizei ) with its regions City / West, East, and South, and their police stations ( Polizeikommissariate PK the Landeskriminalamt (lit.14 In 1975, the police horse units were abolished.Próba odtabuizowania zjawiska "Wielkie przemilczanie.337 a b c d e f g h Kopitzsch, Franklin.The grave gay local phone sex situation in Pomerania women looking for young men of Vienna was described in a report by one agent of the Delegatura Rzdu na Kraj,"d by Ostrowska Zaremba.

Country of Residence: Poland, lskie, okolice Sosnowca, country of Origin: Poland, ethnicity: White.Senator Helmut Schmidt was the first minister of the interior.A b Zand-Vakili, André.Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland.13 During the 1950s the police force was often in confrontation with strikers.15 In 1995, in context with the Hamburg police scandal ( See below: Controversies and incidents the office of Police Commissioner was initiated."Polizeimuseum Hamburg " (in German).The annexation of Austria, the occupation of the Sudetenland (both in 1938 and the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939 were accompanied by readiness exercises of the police force.Stations edit Famous police station Davidwache at Reeperbahn street Hamburg Police stations are called Polizeikommissariate.The city of, hamburg is served by police stations german : Polizeikommissariate ) of the Uniformed Police german : Schutzpolizei ).Relationship goal: Dating, marriage page: «2.
3 According to historian Wiesaw Niesiobdzki, in East Prussia ( Prusy Wschodnie ) many ethnic German women, alarmed by the Nazis, fled ahead of the Soviet offensive, leaving the Polish women to endure rapes (mostly by the Kalmyks ) and witness the systematic burning.

19 Hamburg Police has its own museum, as of 2009 it is closed for renovations.