Is endlessly repeating the same chorus a sign of deep meditation or shallow creativity?
Imagine Mayberry today on MTV.
It seems that focusing on three things would at least be helpful, so heres what I would like church music to be: Truthful.
As best I can sort through my own muddled and messy thoughts, I think there are three things that really bother me about the worship music in many Evangelical Christian churches today:.Oh, I know, every so often you toss a token hymn (meaning written within the last century or so) into the mix.I just havent been there that often, I guess.Three Things that Bother Me about Modern Church Music.What ever happened to the previous 2,000 years of church music history?Its that so many of the songs remind me of the ditties we sang at camp when I was ten.I love to sing.There, I tried to keep mutual sex dating the words small.We just usually dont sing those.Lets sing songs that reach back into the archives of songs proven to have been used by God to edify His people.
Or reciting historical creeds of the Church.

Instead of feeling the joy of joining with other believers in offering praises to the Almighty, I often feel insulted, bored, and disconnected from 2,000 years of worship history.The first time we sang the simplistic ditty, I could tolerate it though I thought the infinite God of all creation deserved better.Come to think of it, Im pretty sure the theology in some of those camp songs was more advanced than the ones Ive heard in some of your services.To be candid, I know how to behave in your church.But even then, its a remix that requires melodic jujitsu to keep up with the quicker pace and fancier chord progressions. .Im sure many churches, maybe even yours, get it right.Mix them in with modern songs, by all means.Unfortunately, truth is not always welcome in the Christian church today.Leave a comment to help point us all in the right direction as we seek to worship God in Spirit and in truth.Theyre all pulled from the latest Top 40 Worship channel.What I Would Like Church Music.
Sometimes classic is really cool.
For all those in the Christian church who feel their voices are not being heard, Why Ive Stopped Singing in Your Church is entertaining therapy for the frustrated soul.

I really, really.
Lately, its been very necessary when the music is playing and were supposed to be singing, you know, to God.
By the fifth time, I was hearing echoes of Jesus warning about vain repetitions.