If I promise to kiss you, will you buy me a local ironmongers essex drink?
There is a jokey element to these that let you get away with the pick-up aspect.
I remember being in a bar with a friend one time watching the two hottest women in there get hit on all night long, while they shot each guy.Of course, if I were on you, Id becoming too!Im not too good at algebra, but doesnt u i 3D 69?Your students will understand.How about we play lion and lion tamer?
If you're naughty, go to your room.

You must work at Subway, cause you just gave me a foot long.Hit the showers, its time for handball lessons.And this time, I won't get caught out.Is it intimidating when a girl is picking you up?So, please dont ever use these.Most women love cute things.Youll be surprised at how well it works.You get bonus points if you change rose to her favorite flower.Cause Id Sure Love to Tap That.Do I know you?
Break the ice with pick up lines that teachers can relate to and find funny.