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The triangulation of investigators and peer debriefing with colleagues provided additional insights and facilitated refinement of the analysis by the investigators to support credibility.
Role of health locus of control beliefs in cancer screening of elderly Hispanic women.
Burk,.E., Wieser,.C., Keegan,.Although the positive aspects of family support are acknowledged in the literature, extensive family support may result in a delay in seeking health care outside of the family ( Zoucha Purnell, 2003 ).Self-sacrifice by the woman in the Mexican-American absolutly free adult personals family emerged as a theme in the interview data and in the literature ( Burk., 1995 ; Oomen., 1999 ).Please note that the ingredient list says "chiles to taste".Awareness of the Mexican-American cultural phenomena of social organization and environmental control can help nurses establish trust, develop rapport, determine health care resources, and develop care that will be acceptable to individuals of this culture.Several authors (Berry, 1999 ; Burk.Guide to Culturally Competent Health Care.The Hispanic population: Census 2000 brief.Social support literature suggests that Mexican-Americans receive support from their nuclear and extended families during both daily events and crises ( Kemp, 2001 ; Niska, 1999 ).Participants A convenience sample of six bilingual women was selected from those who demonstrated a willingness to engage in an interview.The investigators developed the interview guide based on the extant literature related to Mexican-American culture and the Transcultural Assessment Model by Giger and Davidhizar ( 2004 ).The older woman in the Mexican-American culture often serves as the role model for other females in the family regarding childcare and family activities ( Burk., 1995 ).Data Collection The investigators obtained consent from participants to take notes during the interview.Womens health in the greater Houston area: A status report.The Transcultural Assessment Model developed by Giger and Davidhizar ( 2004 ) provides the framework for this exploration of Mexican-American womens health care views.These demographics suggest a need to increase nurses awareness of culturally constructed concepts of health and illness and the Mexican-American culture (.

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For example, in a study of locus-of-control and cancer screening, elderly Hispanic women scored higher on internal control followed by belief in powerful others; belief in chance had the lowest scores.The perceptions that good where to find sex in jamaica health is a result of luck or reward and that disease or illness represent punishment from God for some transgression are pervasive in Mexican-American culture ( Kemp, 2001 ; Kuipers, 1999 ; Spector, 2004 ).Eggenberger, PhD, RN is a Professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato School of Nursing.Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (ESB-macc) is dedicated to the preservation, creation, presentation, and promotion of the cultural arts of Mexican Americans and Latino cultures.Folk illness beliefs and behaviors and their implications for health care delivery.Advances in Nursing Science, 17 (4 37-52.Determinants of health-promoting behavior among women ages 65 and above living in the community.The Mexican-American population often views the mind and body as one, interdependent in states of both health and illness ( Zaldívar Smolowitz, 1994 ).Read more 9/16/2007 my b/f is from mexico city and he has been trying for months to figure out how his mom made tinga when he was a little boy.Eggenberger, PhD, RN E-mail: Sandra.

Seeking guidance with personal problems appears to be gender linked in the Mexican-American culture with older Mexican-Americans often relying on their daughters for assistance with health problems ( Niska ).