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Melrose is doing better than some when it comes to cultural cohesiveness, but resentments still lurk beneath the surface, said Melrose Police Chief John Jensen."Now they are buying homes."Maybe you'll hit Our Lady of Guadalupe said Stokman, referring to the day Mexicans celebrate the virgin appearing to a long ago farmer named Juan Diego.Now Besqueda struggles only occasionally for a word.There isn't a Hispanic neighborhood here.Santana said it would, but they'd have to bring the friend by in person, so she could notarize.Some of her neighbors, still "look at me like I'm this weird person." Yet, she said, relations have improved since the days when the first Latinos arrived.Lately, Santana, who is nearly finished with a bachelor's degree in business adult date personal yahoo management from Rasmussen College, has been spending a lot of time helping people apply for "deferred action a federal program that grants temporary permission to stay in the.S.And so does the mobility of many Latino families.Rubi Besqueda, Melrose store owner, melrose, like many outstate Minnesota communities, has had a sizeable Latino population for more than a decade, drawn mainly by food processing companies like Jennie-O, Gold'n Plump and Long Prairie Packing.Buy the Full Version, you're Reading a Free Preview, pages 426 to 808 are not shown in this preview.A Latino woman with chipped blue fingernail polish entered Santana's office with her daughter, who clutched a pencil-written letter from a friend.Buy the Full Version.It's partially thanks to Stokman, a retiree and Twin Cities native, that Besqueda speaks English.

Gary Walz, community planning and economic development director.Even to the ugliest spots."When I left in the '80s, there was no need for ESL she said.They work all day and then come over here and learn English.".To people who came illegally as children and meet other criteria.But we are becoming one world.With a few exceptions, for example, Latinos tend not to hold city-wide offices in outstate Minnesota.The two spoke in Spanish as others waiting on folding chairs outside the office door."I give so much credit to the city government she said.How do we acclimate?
Her skin should be darker but at least she has brown hair Stokman said.).
Now they are siding their homes and doing taupes and trying to blend in more." "Melrose is very friendly said Alfredo Hernandez, who works at El Portal restaurant, one of a handful of Mexican business in town.

"We're starting to become one community.
They plan to release their findings in the coming months, but one thing they've discovered is that a handful of people willing to cross the cultural aisle can make all the difference.