The tbilleq functions returns the bond equivalent for a treasury bill.
Is due and any outstanding principal must be paid.
Date that the bond finishes and is paid off.
As the loan approaches maturity, your payment will be mostly principal until you make one final payment of all remaining principal and accrued interest on the maturity date.On that date, the full face value of the bond (and sometimes the final interest payment) must be paid in full to the bondholder.How Maturity Affects Rates.In essence, the term of a transaction, or the life of an instrument, last from the effective date to the termination date.It is also the termination or due date on which an installment loan must be paid in full.While these instruments also have a maturity date, that date is when the last installment payment of the loan as well as the last interest payment is due.The maturity date is the date when your final payment is due.Unless otherwise provided by the Application and these Conditions on the maturity date Citibank shall release the Deposit amount to the Customer together with interest accrued thereon by crediting thereof to the Customer's account with Citibank from which the monetary funds have been transferred for.Link to this page: a date /a.

When the maturity date hits, you will pay the entire principal balance and accrued interest.This is for a couple of reasons.Another important behavior to observe is that as a bond grows closer to its maturity date, its yield to maturity and coupon rate begin to converge.Maturity date, usually used for bonds.For example, the maturity date of a swap is the date at which interest rate obligations stop accruing and the swap is no more effective.If your five-year balloon loan closed May 1, 2013, the maturity date will be May 1, 2018.For example, a bond with a period of 10 years has a maturity date 10 years after its issue.Mortgages, tablet App, web Browser, did this answer your question?I J, k L, m N, o P, q R, s T, u V W X Y Z Derivatives M Maturity Date The date on which a derivative instrument expires or becomes due for payment or settlement.
Most borrowers will opt for the longer loan then perhaps refinance to a shorter maturity if they find they can pay the loan off quicker.