maturity date of a fixed deferred annuity

Under a 401(k) type of defined contribution plan, the employee is allowed to channel part of his/her income into the plan on a pre-tax basis.
* * In deciding whether to use annuities in your retirement planning (or for any other reason) and which types of annuities to use, professional guidance is advisable.Pension Annuities An annuity incorporated in a pension or other qualified retirement plan set up by a corporation, labor union, government, or other organization for its employees, including profit-sharing plans, stock bonus and employee stock ownership plans, thrift plans, target benefit plans, money purchase plans.The immediate annuity pays a sum each month over a specified essex local nature partnership period.For variable annuities, this formula is similar, however, due to the fluctuating nature of variable payouts, this is recalculated annually and is reported as an exclusion amount.They can even be used to provide a legacy for your heirs.Contract charges may be higher in X-share products.Income tax: Annuity payments collected by your beneficiaries or heirs are subject to tax on the same principles that would apply to payments collected by you.Annuities passing to your surviving spouse or to charity would escape this tax.Service Provider A company that provides any type of service to the plan, including managing assets, recordkeeping, providing plan education, and plan administration.Charitable Annuity (Gift Annuity) A charitable gift annuity is a contract between a donor and a foundation, under which the foundation guarantees payment of an annuity.Costs, Penalties, And Extras, infosources, annuities may help you meet some of your mid- and long-range goals, such as planning for your retirement and for a child's college education.Annuities do have penalties for early withdrawal if the customer surrenders the annuity early, which is why you need to match the period with your goals, keeping in mind that all annuities are designed to be long-term savings instruments.
D Death Benefits The payment the investors estate or beneficiaries receive if the contract holder dies prior to the annuity starting date.
Variable annuity payments increase or decrease based on the net performance (returns after fees and expenses) of the underlying investments in relation to a benchmark assumed investment return.

Bonus Share (X-Share) Variable Annuities A bonus amount, typically defined in the prospectus as a percentage of purchase payments, is allocated to the annuity accumulation value early in the contract period.Request a free personalized annuity comparison report now!Breakpoint Pricing A system whereby the cost of up-front sales charges decreases depending on the cumulative amount of purchase payments made.The portion of the periodic payout that constitutes a return of principal is excluded from taxable income.With fixed immediate annuities, the payment is based on a specified interest rate.Tax-sheltered annuities are funded by pre-tax contributions made through salary reduction agreements.Portfolio rebalancing programs redistribute the amount of money allocated to each subaccount when the target percentages move out of alignment over time as the value of some subaccounts changes faster than others.A bonus interest rate is usually applied to the first year registered sex offenders in north carolina or two of the contract and is often 1-2 higher than the current interest rate.
R Ratchet Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit A type of enhanced death benefit that is equal to the greater of (a) the contract value, (b) premium payments less prior withdrawals, or (c) the contract value on a specified prior date.

On the other hand, if you "live too long" (and do outlive your life expectancy you may get back far more than the cost of your annuity (and the resultant earnings).