One can get tax benefit on Investment made for 5 years scheme under section 80C.
Primary Applicant means the person referred to as the Primary Applicant in the AOF.In case of delay in payment of any Instalment, the Depositor/s shall be liable to pay monthly interest at the rate.12 per.1000 or part thereof or such other rate as may be specified by icici Bank for the period of delay.Maturity Date means the Deposit shall be due for repayment on the date falling on completion of one calendar month from the date of payment of the last Instalment or on completion of the Tenure, whichever is local sex no sign up later.Post Office Fixed Deposit Interest Rates 2018.Before you get to the table, here is a brief explanation on the columns.P n 1 ( n 1 ) r 2400 displaystyle P*n1frac (n1)r2400.Statement/s shall mean the communication provided to the Depositor/s on a quarterly basis stating inter alia the value of the Deposit on Maturity date, the value of the Deposit as on date of the communication and the rate of interest payable by the Bank.This account can be opened by both cash and cheque.These Terms and Conditions apply to and regulate the provision of Recurring Deposit product offered by icici Bank Limited.The online option for opening fixed deposit is not available.How to Open Post Office Fixed Deposit Account?You can download a post office account opening form from here.Account Opening Form for the nearest post office.Paresh responded to that comment telling him what caused the difference, and when I looked at the response, I thought Id add to it by providing a link to how interest on recurring deposits (RDs) are calculated.
Minimum Period of RD is 6 months and maximum is 10 years.
Such revised terms and conditions shall then be binding on the Depositor/s.

You can also borrow money against this deposit.One can get an advantage of capital protection as the scheme of post office time deposit is backed by the government of India.I hope you have got insight into Post Office Fixed Deposit Interest Rates 2018 and applicable rules.Such interest rates shall be in accordance with RBI directives from time to time.An Account may be opened by one Depositor or two or more Depositors jointly.Month: First column is simply the Month.It offers liquidity as you can withdraw money anytime.P n ( n 1 ) r 2400 displaystyle frac P*n(n1)r2400 where I is the interest, n is time in months and r is rate of interest per annum and P is the Principal amount.Icici Bank means icici Bank Limited, its successors and assigns.
The interest amount shall be paid to the Depositor/s on the Maturity date or on completion of the Tenure, whichever is later.
You have to visit post office physically to open this account.

Icici Bank 24-Hour Customer Care Centre refers to icici Bank - Phone Banking Service provided by icici Bank, which shall be available to all Depositor/s.
Premature withdrawal of post office time deposit is allowed only after completion of six months.