However, there are some bonds that are callable as outlined in the my saucy date with warnie trust indenture at the time of issuance.
At the maturity date or on the call date, you will get back 10,000.
But, if a preferred stock has both, it would seem the issuer is not going to pay out twice.An investor would want to judge the bond based on its find fucking yield to call when it's likely to be called away rather than its yield to maturity because it's unlikely to continue trading until its maturity.Callable bonds typically carry higher yields than non-callable bonds because the bond can be called away from an investor if interest rates fall.I am assuming that par value, cash value, and issue price are all referring to the same thing.This means that the 1,808 premium (11,808 minus 10,000) you paid above the face value of the bonds will either be lost or spread over 6 years or 13 years.Others can only be redeemed after a fixed period.If the issuer feels there is a benefit to refinancing the issue, the bond may be redeemed on the call date at par or at a small premium to par.Remember, you paid 11,808 when you bought the bonds, but you will be getting back 10,000 on either the call date of 2017 or the maturity date of 2024.
Companies don't call their preferreds very often since they have to come up with the cash to.
This is often a feature of callable bonds to make them more attractive to investors.

The call protection is a period of time within which a bond cannot be redeemed.Most preferreds have a "call date." On this pre-set date or anytime after, the issuer has the option to buy back the shares from you.This is known as amortization of premium.This is why the yield-to-maturity in this case is higher than the yield-to-call.Another important behavior to observe is that as a bond grows closer to its maturity date, its yield to maturity and coupon rate begin to converge.Years to call: Five, coupon payments/year: Two, call premium : 102 percent, current bond price: 9,000, a yield-to-call calculator will output the result after these figures are plugged.In other words, the issuer pays off the bond at either the first available call date or at some later date prior to the bond's date of maturity.The lockout period provides investors some protection as they are guaranteed interest payments on the bond for at least mature and single dating website seven years, after which interest income is not guaranteed.
Georgia has the right to call the bonds early on August 1, 2017, seven years prior to the maturity date.

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Some callable bonds can be called at any time.