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Along with his friend, Siegfried Kircheis, he abandoned his father and entered the Imperial military academy in the Imperial capital.
But when there's someone telling him when and where to attack he will break through any opposition.Badass Mustache : Has an impressive one, even thicker than Mecklinger's.Pragmatic Villainy : His methods are often reprehensible, but they work, and they often cost less time and effort in the long run to implement.2010, orchideengarten, illustration, tokyo Flashback: Vintage Design and Illustration in Japan june 2010, japan, design, we have captured a most rare specimen of an extinct insect which was extremely popular at the beginning of the century feb.Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!Crippling Overspecialization : Merkatz mentions that while he's an excellent military man, he's not used to handle delicate political affairs like those during the occupation.Together with Mittermeier's wolf, they're the eagle and the wolf who guard Valhalla in Norse Mythology.The Slacker : Off the clock, he's notoriously lazy, to the point that he can barely last a few days without Julian around before his quarters start looking like a college fratboy's dorm.Happily Married : With Reinhard.He-Man Woman Hater : Although he's more of a run-of-the-mill misogynist.He is a romantic at heart, casting his lot with Yang and his group out of foppery and whim, as he calls it, but this does not dull his edge in battle.Hidden Depths : He's shown to be rather quick to grasp political machinations.Who wants to be that man?

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This is the reason his fleet is one of the best at assault, only behind the Black Lancers.Outside the battlefield, he is often seen providing comic relief, be it his snarky banter with Konev and later Attenborough, or his alleged competitions with Schönkopf in being The Casanova.He was given the Percival to commemorate his new title.Yang has an immense respect for Reinhard's abilities but has no idea that Reinhard takes their encounters so personally.Dusty Attenborough Vice Admiral Dusty Attenborough Attenborough knew Yang Wenli since their days in the Officer Cadet School, though they were each assigned to different fleets.Here is a list of these truly memorable individuals who helped shape the face of history forever.Oberstein uses this once to provoke Bittenfeld into physically attacking him and places him under arrest sex in new york manhattan for assaulting a superior officer.After Konev is KIA, he continues to keep score, and near the end of the show, he's well into the hundreds.My Greatest Failure : Regrets not thoroughly wiping out the Terraists after the survivors killed Silberberch and Yang.Officer and a Gentleman The Philosopher : Of Reinhard's faction.After surviving the battle for Iserlohn, he returned to Odin to offer his services to Reinhard and became one of his top advisers.
Can't Take Criticism : Braunschweig is utterly incapable of taking criticism as anything but an attempt at undermining him.

She charged Kircheis with standing by Reinhard and protecting him always, a task that he was only too happy to accept.
He realizes that he is essentially looking at himself.