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A brief history of Dudley, a brief history of Lichfield, a brief history of Tamworth.
And throw out the odd comment of, "Shall we guw tu Maccy D's or Berga King fur our dinna and "Yaw con gerrit chaper on the Markit".
His dead body now lies at 72 Lynford Drive which is home to 7 other "dead" looking people who are lying in a neat eye to eye contact sex pile under the wooden floorboards who are 'most alive' says the houses' owner - Dexter Morgan, everyone's favourite TV serial killer.This is not to be confused in any way with the Blackpool Illuminati Love-Fest; the fact that many of Walsalls Illuminati perform at Blackpool is merely a coincidence and hey, Walsall thought of it first, so there.Walsall is also unique in having its own Goth quarter.Matthew Nardiello can help answer this, as he is the resident Welshman/Italian/Pole/.Terms Edit The people of Walsall are referred to as Walsallians though in some cases the term 'pillocks' is also used.This disgusting "Home" is the dream of every chav and last year, Chris Banks won the race, after shooting down 17 fellow chavs and his mothers only son - himself.During the 6th century they pushed westward and conquered the Celts.Wolves Last updated: Jun 23, 2018.For the autumn traveller there is of course the world renowned Walsall Illuminati Barn Dance.

Walsall gained electric light in 1895.Terms, privacy, copyright.Visitng times of the greebos to podium consist of anytime between 10 :30 am and 6-7 pm this makes life uneasy for elderly people but the podium has its answer for the infest problem "THE chavs" the one thing the greebos are scared of you can.Some of them were built to replace slums, which were demolished in that decade.One regular passtime for the remaining 10 of the populus is "Wobbler watching which is usually undertaken upon market days.The first cinema in Walsall opened in 1908.Some key words are: Walsallian English 'os Horse 'e He 'ate Hate T'ippo The Hippo 'ell 'e is 'alf the time He is a great man 'ospital Foundation Hospital Chav, Blad, Homie Anti Social Being/Person, Aggressive Individual, Knob, Twat, Infidel, Imbecile, The Hated Person, Unwealthy.
It's nearly as bad as the mass Zombie Attack in 2005 when more than 1 person died.
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The majority of Walsallian Scum (the bad people in Walsall) can be found to have acquired the term "Chav" or "Sex Offender".
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