local slappers review

During a "convention" strip where multiple characters met each other in an anniversary issue Postman Plod was surprised by Mrs Brady who revealed herself to be an intelligent and witty lady, who was "just playing a part".
Garry and Barry the Identical Twins a boy convinced that a tree in his garden is actually his identical twin brother.
Jasper the Gasper A homeless man who is desperate for a cigarette.The title appears to be a pun on Phil Spector 's name.Jack's adventures are regularly drawn in the style of other comics (such as Tintin or Asterix taking place in other countries (such as a manga -style strip relocating the action to Tokyo ) and even in different time periods (including the Victorian era, the Future.Skinheed An early comic strip showing a young man with social problems turning into an inhuman monster.She rants, raises her fist in the air and foams at the mouth.

He is not very intelligent and is susceptible to anything she tells him, enabling her to get the better of him if he upsets her or tries to order her about.At some point, Whicker is made a bishop as he is seen drinking with Roger Mellie following Roger's rather dreadful attempt to present a religious programme having subsequently got drunk on communion wine and relieved himself in the church font.Black Bag rescued Brotherhood of Man from a well.Early strips carried satirical women want sex introductions like "Totally Dodgy Cartoons Present." and "A social comment (why not?Occasional strip created by Barney Farmer and Lee Healey (also responsible for the Drunken Bakers, George Bestial, Hen Cabin and.They are often inspected at the gate by a teacher to ensure their nipples are erect and up to school standard.
Arsehole Kate, one-off parody of, keyhole Kate in which Kate instead likes to look up people's bottoms.
He has even been known to have connections to corrupt officials, such as a customs officer.