I flirty naughty ecards love the hip-hop graffitisorry, street arton our garage, darling, its soooo real!
A final point Lee should get a small men looking for women suit that actually fits.
Well, I think what's happened is this.It goes beyond any form of comedic timing.No material at all.Jenny Greenwell, Twitter Too full of his own importance and guilty of believing the hype.Watching the old, past-it, fat, grey comedian vocally wishing for death isnt that funny.It wasnt meant in that way and he knows.
Is there anything youd like to see repeated?
Janerick, I think the crucial element is that hes not funny, but there are periphery factors like smugness that arent helping.

Gonzo Muse, Stewart Lee is just Frankie Boyle lite.His stories are painfully drawn out.1) Make some slightly controversial gags perhaps?Lady Sonia : The ultimate trophy housewife!Not funny whatever" - skype29, m "Stewart Lee is a sick, unfunny excuse of a man." - Rusty, Surrey, "He was struck off the comedic role-call forever with his breath-taking hypocrisy over the Danish cartoon controvesy." - Nadel, "I can't stand his smuggy smug bastard.Because hes a posh boy he cant get a way with anything, but hes just spolit brat by the look.