(Blue - Conservative; Red - Labour; Grey - councils where no party has over all control).
Read more, posted at 10:47 30 May, annual accounts reveal the amount which has been paid out to a chief fire officer who adult finder friend virus was sacked.
Deputy Chief Constable BJ Harrington said Essex Police was one of the first forces to adopt the Blue Light Pledge by mental health charity mind, and said more than 140 managers have now been trained in sim sex date trauma risk management.Voting started at 07:00 today and closed at 22:00.Read more Posted at 15:09 23 May An independent report looked at 22 incidents highlighted by the East of England Ambulance Trust.A good showing by the smaller parties could thwart their ambitions.National issues can also have an impact: I'm told that the Windrush controversy has come up on the doorsteps and that some people still feel strongly about Brexit.And even if no councils change hands the number of councillors gained and lost by each party will show us who's up and who's down.So, which animal movie is your favorite?Read more Posted at 19:15 13 May Simon Harmer and the departing Peter Siddle take five wickets each as Essex hold their nerve to win at Worcester.A good night for either Labour or the Conservatives and they could win control of these councils.

Read more Posted at 18:14 15 May Lots of ambulance crews are posting photos of notes and gifts left for them by grateful members of the public, and here's the latest one for staff who attended an emergency in Cambridgeshire recently.Read More When you have a baby, friends, family, strangers and the entire Internet will pop out of the woodwork to give you, without any solicitation, what they think is awesome advice.Read more, posted at 21:47 3 Jun, a survey for the BBC asked if England was better now or in the past and what makes someone English.But the big losers of the night have been ukip.Former Det Con Alan Phillips, who took 11 months away from work with post-traumatic stress disorder, told BBC Essex the condition was a "huge boulder and said the police force needed to make it easier for people to talk openly and access support.Read more Posted at 14:18 21 May Two Essex police officers plead not guilty to misconduct in a public office, the Old Bailey hears.Read more Posted at 16:48 17 May Australia paceman Peter Siddle says he will play for Essex again and could return before the end of the season.Written by bpc-clerk on Thursday, 10th May 2018.