Previously, Ms Haddad worked as an executive at a adult friend fin finder WA mining company before her move to New South Wales in 2016.
The weekend - unknown time, ms Haddad's ex-lover Marcelo Santoro flies to Rio de Janeiro from Sydney.
As specialist police divers searched the Parramatta River on Friday for Ms Haddad's missing personal looking for female from Switzerland items - specifically a set of keys to her red Fiat 500 - friends of the dead woman revealed what led them to raise the alarm.
A timeline OF cecilia haddad'S disappearance: Friday, May 27, ms Haddad 'briefly' attends a BBQ with friends before returning to her home at Ryde, north Sydney.The businesswoman was reported missing just hours after meet women for sex saint francis south dakota police pulled a woman's body from the river (police pictured at the scene).Country:US, gender: F, state: UT, city: Salt Lake City, email Send Flirt Add to Favorites.The police have ruled out Ms Haddad's death was accidental or the result of suicide, confirming she was murdered.The Brazilian national last spoke to friends on Saturday morning but never arrived at a series of various appointments she had booked for that day.Cecilia Haddad (above) never arrived to meet a disabled client on the weekend.
Police have still not made contact with Ms Haddad's ex-lover and business partner Mario Marcelo Santoro who left Sydney on a flight to Rio de Janeiro over the weekend.
NSW Police Detective Inspector Ritchie Sim said Ms Haddad's car was found just hours after her body was discovered in a river.

'It's important that we identify what Cecilia's movements were, there's a lot of questions that need to be answered Det Insp Sim said.She moved to Australia in 2007 to work for BHP after graduating with a degree in industrial engineering in Rio de Janeiro.Looking for a good kisser, someone who has a sense of humor.Ms Haddad's ex-husband, who now lives in Western Australia, flew to Sydney on Monday to help police with the investigation.'We need to speak to anyone who has spoken to Cecilia or seen her, to put together her movements as well as we can.We routinely report on cases where that happens, but theres something special about watching it happen.Detectives from the Homicide Squad, together with officers from the Ryde Police Area Command, have established Strike Force Bronwyn to investigate circumstances surrounding her suspected death.Theres only so many of them to go around, which is where the armed citizen comes.Friends report Ms Haddad missing to police.
The man flew from Australia to South America on Saturday night or Sunday morning, New South Wales Police said on Wednesday.

'The BBQ was brief and ended early.
Time and time again, we keep saying that an armed citizen can make a huge difference.
He's very, very traumatised but has been of great help.'.